Kaz 2-Ghost Ship

Kaz II: Mystery of Mary Celeste Repeated

As if the ocean in itself is not mysterious enough, there are incidents which bring an eerie feeling for the huge water bodies. It is not often that a ship floating properly on the surface of the water is found totally isolated as if the crew [...]

Limitations of Ship Radar: Part I

We have already taken a look at the shipborne radar in detail in some of our other postings. Though the radar is an extremely useful instrument to have on board ships and has made life really easy, there are some limitations of a radar set too. [...]

Epaulets & Knots Quiz

Knots are the lifeline of a sailor and even with the advancements in technology, the knowledge of knots is considered vital for a seaman. Find out how much you know about the different types of knots which are used by sailors as well as the [...]