Teenage Tales of Sea Days

मुझसे मिलना है तो मेरी बातों से मिलो जो हैं तनहा उदास उन रातों से मिलो शब्द कहते हैं बहुत कुछ [...]

Incredible true stories of a sailor’s wife

In one of our previous article we have been discussing about the sacrifices that a sailor’s wife makes in order to ensure that her husband can do his duty as a sailor. We have tried to understand the ups and downs in the life of a sailor’s [...]
Connecting Rod Bearing

Connecting Rod Bearing Construction

The lower and the upper connecting rod bearing are separated from the connecting rod. They are bolted on to it with tension bolts. The top flange of the connecting rod carries the two upper connecting rod bearing-halves. (Also known as crosshead [...]

Why Should we Celebrate Seafarer’s Day?

Seafarers or sailors are people who travel from one country to another shipping goods and other material. They are called mariners, navy officers, sailors, etc. The job is very challenging and equally important for the trade and the commerce [...]
History of Antique Marine Engines

History of Antique Marine Engines

The history of antique marine engines in itself carries a rich history, both have carried major significance over the decades as engine design changed but enthusiastic individuals retained a love or admiration for the engine that had been built [...]