Navy Women: Can Women Be In The Merchant Navy?

As the President of India gave awards to several first women including Capt Radhika Menon, we reflect upon the post written at our portal about 6 years ago and how it is still relevant in current year. So let us take a look back at what was [...]
Weather Effects on Ship Radar

Weather Effects On Radar

In this post we will learn about some of the effects that the natural weather elements can have on a ship radar Performance When radio waves pass through the atmosphere, some of their energy is lost due to absorption, scattering, diffraction, [...]
Rip Current Safety

How Rip Currents Work?

Before learning about rip current safety or understanding how rip currents work, it is important to understand the term itself. The currents flowing away from the shore are termed as rip currents. These are typically strong currents carrying [...]