Generic Boat Buying Tips

Boat Buying Tips

Boat Buying Tips

It is a dream for many of us to buy a boat. We have often heard people saying that I want to buy a boat, even if I miss out on buying the new car in the market. We will now discuss the various boat buying tips that one can follow while buying a boat. I hope these will help you to take a better decision to buy a boat.

First let us understand why actually people buy boats. Boats are good for a getaway, though there could be N number of reasons for a people to buy all kinds of boats. There are boats in which one can go fishing with family. With a boat you can get away from the madding crowd and be in your own space for a while.

Some buy it for cruising while others buy them for racing or water sports. Hence we see that there are different uses of boats for different people. We will now discuss some boat buying tips in details.

Boat buying is a serious business. However, you must keep in mind that it is not as easy as buying a car. There are complications that are involved in buying a boat, though that should not deter you from buying one, and that is why we have come up with this article.

The first point might seem bit unimportant but mind you, this is one of the most important points. The very first thing all those who want to buy a boat must know is that they must have a clear idea of why they want to buy the boat. The reasons for buying the boat can be many. You must know what purpose the boat will serve to you. As per your requirement there are boats of different types.

You have cruising boats that are used for entertaining guests and for going on a night out. These boats have cabins where you can spend a night too. You can also use the same boat for a day cruise. If the boat will be used exclusively for fishing then you can go for a fishing boat. Some fishing boats also have cabins to stay in case the boat is used for overnight purpose. These have less seating and all the facilities that are required for fishing. Another special type of boat that you can also buy is the water sports boat. These boats are used only for water sports. These boats are sophisticated and can be used only by professional sports person. They are generally very light and need expertise to ride them.

Once you have decided the purpose of buying the boat the next thing that you must know is the size of the boat that you want. There are many sizes in boats. The bigger the boat is the more complex will be its features. Some boats will have kitchens and even large bathrooms. So big that you can stand tall and take a shower in them.

There are small boats too that don’t have any facilities. Well when you are new to the club of “I want to buy a boat”, you must try to understand that larger a boat is, more complex will be its operations. You must ensure that the first boat that you buy is not more than twenty four feet. If the boat is more than this in length you will not be able to operate it smoothly. As you practice on a small boat you become more capable of riding a boat. Of course this is a rough approximation or rule of the thumb but a good one for that.

This will ensure that you can operate a bigger boat. The boat that you buy must be certified that it can carry a certain number of passengers. Else you may get into trouble later if you are found violating any regulations. You can also consult someone well versed in the marine laws in case you want advice on this matter.

The third tip in boat buying tips is that when you buy a boat you must ensure if you want to buy a new boat or you are fine with a used boat. Both new and old boats have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. As a new boat is brand new it will give you a smooth sail. It will be definitely easy to operate. These boats are generally sold by the dealers directly. These boats are in good condition and can be picked from the factory directly.

When you buy a new boat from the dealer ensure that the dealer gives you all the documents. The dealer must also mention clearly the after sales service that you will be getting for the purchase. The dealer must give you a warranty too. The problem with a new boat is that it is often more expensive.

The used boats on the other hand may not be covered under any warrantee scheme. They are sold by dealers who specialise in used boats or by brokers who are just the middlemen between the seller and the buyer. Some private individuals may also sale out used boats.

A tip for buying a used boat is that you hire a marine surveyor. They will check if the boat has any history of accidents. They will also ensure that they check if the boat is in a fine state to be purchased. When a marine surveyor says that he is fine with the boat you can ensure that the boat can be bought. You must do this if you are new to boats and sailing.

You can find qualified marine surveyors even online. If you are new to sailing then you can try a used boat to set your hands on. The used boat should not be over three year old. However, once you have enough experience you must go in for a new boat. This is because new boats are always safer bet.

The fourth tip for a boat buying tip is that you must take a test drive on the boat. This holds well even if the boat is a new one. When you ride a boat you will understand how good you are with the boat. It is similar to buying a car. Unless you actually ride it you will not know. You must check the weight, the draft, the noise level of the boat, the cruising speed of the boat, the equipments of the boat, etc. When you check on all these points you will be able to understand if the boat is suitable for you or not.

You must insure the boat that you are buying. This is very important. You must know one thing here that buying a boat is not like buying a car. In case of a car all of them are more or less the same. However, there are differences between boats. Each boat is different from the other one to quite a great degree. This is exactly why you must read the manual of the boat well before you take the boat to the water.

Last but not least, do keep in mind that though boats float in water, they require fuel to power them, unless you are buying a sailboat. Bunker costs are certainly rising these days so do keep operational costs in mind and check out the average fuel consumption and related expenses before you make a deal. Of course most likely you would need help of a technical person in checking all this.

Today buying a boat has become very common. Even in developing countries people are buying boats to relax and have a family time. However, the points that we have mentioned are important for all those who say that I want to buy a boat. Ensure that you keep these boat buying tips in mind when you are buying a boat.

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