Powerboat Racing Facts

One of the latest adventure sports that are becoming popular all over the globe is the powerboat racing. These races are held among specially designed powerboats that can move really fast on water. They are use for point to point racing only and not for any other commercial purpose. These powerboats are expensive and can be taken up as a sport only by the rich. In 1904 this sport was recognised as an official sport.

Since then the popularity of this sport is only increasing. From 1960 onwards this sport also started to recognize some world champions too. Till the early nineties only four types of boats were allowed into this sport but today a lot many type of powerboats can be seen. Technology and innovation has taken this sport to a complete different level.

PowerBoat Racing

PowerBoat Racing

Today the viewers can see the race better and a lot of commercialization is done in this sport. The races are short and track style events. There are a lot of Powerboat racing that is happening across the world today.

Popular powerboat racing events:

1. Class 1 world Powerboat championship
2. Venture cup
3. P1 super stock championship
4. UIM powerboat GPS world championship

Apart from these there are many local Powerboat racing that happens across the world. We cannot discuss all these but will try to discuss about a few of the most popular Powerboat racing championships in this article.

Venture cup

this championship is held every two years. It was last held in 2013 so we can expect to see this again next year. This is a new series of ultra marathon offshore races. In 2013 this race was help between Cowes in UK to Monte Carlo. The Venture cup is considered to be the longest and the toughest powerboat races in the world. It is no wonder one of the most prestigious races too. In 2013 the race was cancelled and we expect that the same will be held sometime in 2014.

Almost eighteen participants take part in these races every year. It is also known as the venture offshore cup. You can see the official site of this cup too in order to get some more information on the same. The 2014 race will start from London. River Thames will be the starting point of this race this year. Many tourists are expected to reach London in order to see this amazing race. The race is expected to last for fifteen days.

The P1 super stock championship

it is the next race that we will be discussing in this article. It is considered to be one of the fastest growing powerboat races in the world. It is one of the most competitive and most affordable races that you can experience in the world. Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) has also recognised this powerboat race. This is a long festival that is held between the month of May and October. It takes about five to six weekends to complete. These races last for about thirty to forty five minutes each.

Many people come from across the world to see this race. It is indeed a thrilling experience to be a part of this race. So far these races have been held in about twelve countries. Around eighty five world championship races have been held till date. This race is about eight years old. They have a number of powerboats under them that are raced every year.

UIM Powerboat GPS World Championship

This championship was officially started in the year 2003 in Italy. This series as of now has been split into two namely evolution class and super sports class. All the boats that are use in these championships are V type monohulls. This is also considered to be one of the very prestigious powerboat races in the world.

 Class 1 world Powerboat championship

It is considered as the formula 1 race in powerboats. This race is a test of technology as well as the skills of the boat pilot. These races have given many world champions to this sport.

We hope that this article on Powerboat racing will help you to get a better idea of what these races are all about and how this sport is becoming so popular across the world. You can ensure that you visit these countries during these sport festivals so that you can also be a part of this amazing race

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