COW Tank Cleaning

Crude Oil Washing In Ships

Crude oil is a common type of cargo which is carried by ships and it obviously leads to lot of deposits in the cargo tanks. The removal of excessive sticky crude oil with the purpose of tank cleaning after unloading is known as crude oil washing [...]
Types of Propellers

Different Types Of Propellers

A propeller is to a ship or any marine vessel as tires/wheels to a car or any automobile. They help the vessel to move forward or backward and there are many different types of propellers which are used based on requirements, type of vessel [...]
Main Switchboard Schematic

Ship Auxiliary Systems: Main Switchboard

Ships are self contained units floating at sea and hence there needs to be a source of power generation, more than one infact, as well as an emergency backup apart from the main power system. The alternators connected to the diesel generators [...]

Eight Tips for Buying an Overhead Crane

Cranes are used on ships both inside the engine room as well as on the deck (for certain types of ships) mainly for lifting heavy loads. Overhead cranes are found in most ships. In this  article we will discuss eight tips to buy an overhead [...]
Ship Corrosion Prevention

Ship Corrosion Prevention & Protection

Corrosion is a process by which any metal erodes with time and becomes brittle. It has always been a challenge in the marine world that how exactly we can tackle ship corrosion and prevent it to the maximum possible extent. A lot of research [...]

Ship Watchkeeping Engineer Duties: Auxiliary Machinery

Ship watch keeping is an important job that we all know. If the job is not done well then it can lead to many problems and issues. We will now discuss about Ship Watchkeeping Engineer Duties Regarding Auxiliary Equipment. Well a ship watch keeper [...]
History of Marine Boilers

History of Marine Boilers

Some consider history of marine boilers or boilers as a whole as being one of the oldest and richest, and also one that has been well preserved even with the development of new technologies that as yet to replace the boiler in the 21st century. [...]

Marine Boilers

Unlike today when ships are propelled using internal combustion engine or nuclear power in the past in the past marine boilers were used aboard ships as a means of propulsion. They boil water till it has become steam under pressure than it is [...]

Bilge Water Production on Ships

Bilge is the term used for water and oil that accumulate in the part of marine vessels called the bilge, due to leakage or carelessness. The bilge is the lower bottom of the ship that forms a wedge shape. This shape attracts liquids which accumulate [...]

Alternative Maritime Power

A ship is a huge amalgamation of various machines. These machines run on power and most of them are major consumer of powers. Power consumption by a ship while on sail and while moored are different and need to be analyzed separately. In this [...]