Building a Ship

Building a Ship

Building a ship is no easy task, whether a full size or miniature bottle ship and all forms of ship building require extreme engineering efforts and clear thinking. Engineers continue pushing towards higher limits as the years pass by and producing [...]
Ethanol Marine Engines

Ethanol Marine Engines

Ethanol marine engines are somewhat of a new version of engines created to replace conventional engines that run of gasoline or petrol as many people would call it. The ethanol marine engine resembles the gasoline engine and a normal petrol [...]
Maine Shipbuilding

Maine Shipbuilding: The Great History

Maine shipbuilding history does back centuries back to the native Indian times. Maine was first used by the native Indians to build water craft that would be used to conduct trade and transport goods between communities that lived on the banks [...]
Unstick marine piston rings

Unstick Piston Rings on Marine Vessels

Unlike your car, to unstick piston rings when overhauling or servicing big ship engines could be a harder task than many mechanical engineers anticipates due to the size of marine vessel engines. This has played havoc for many mechanics as they [...]
Viking Marine Hardware

Viking Marine Hardware

Viking marine hardware is usually confused by many for the Viking sailors that dominated the open seas some centuries back but to the experience sailor Viking marine hardware word automatically ring a bell, realizing that the is a famous marine [...]
ship port holes

Ship Port Hole

The ship port hole or also known as the ship side scuttle by some is most likely round in shape, port holes are found on an array of different craft besides marine vessels but they seem to be more obvious on marine vessels. Space craft, air [...]
maritime software

Maritime Links to Software

Many people don’t realize that today most machinery is linked in some way or another to computer software of some kind or another; maritime links to software are responsible for many important improvements made on marine vessels in the past [...]
Future Shipbuilding

Future Shipbuilding

Ship building has seen some of the greatest and strongest man made moving objects being developed in the past century but this advance may have changed direction from chasing just size to considering other aspects as well of future shipbuilding [...]

Aluminum vs. Steel Tankers

Tanker material has to always be considered before construction of a marine tanker. Critical points like the size and the liquid type it will be carrying must be considered before choosing the type of metal to be used on a marine takers storage [...]

Marine Engineer

Over 95% of export and import relies on sea and the demand of more advanced ships are in need in the 21st century making the marine engineer the focus of attention, towards developing new vessels, components and training personnel to work on [...]