Learn To Translate Morse Code?

Before we check out how to learn morse code and translate the sign language into useful information for human beings, let us first begin with a brief history of the morse code. Brief History In the year 1836, Smauel F.B. Morse and Alfred Vail [...]

Importance Of Search and Rescue Patterns

The importance of search and rescue patterns is relevant since not matter how ever developed our means may of transportation may get, the possibility of an emergency arising due to an accident or other reasons cannot be ruled out. The moment [...]
Ship Trim

What Is Ship Trim And Its Effect On Ship Stability?

The ship is a huge vessel that floats in the open sea. We have often seen ships being caught in bad weather. Have you ever wondered how a ship maintains it stability in the rough weather? Well a lot of engineering and calculation goes into the [...]

Navigation Rules Of The Road

The ROR or the navigation rules of the road are the signs that the mariners need to study and understand in order to have a smooth sail. They are trained in these concepts. We will now discuss the navigation rules of the road in more details. The [...]
What Is A Sextant?

What Is A Sextant?

Sextant is a device that was mostly used in the olden days by the mariners to find their route at sea for navigation guidance. They would trace the stars and as per the angular distance they would find the route. The technique was simple and [...]

Naval Officer Ranks: Deck Officer

Many youngsters out there want to become a deck officer as a profession. We will now in this article give you a slight insight into the life and the duties of the different naval officer ranks. I am sure this will help you to take a better decision [...]
Marine Radios

Marine Radios

Marine radios have played a major continual role ever since the days of the Morse code and continue to bridge the communication gap between sailors and people on land even in the 21st century despite advances in modern technologies like wireless [...]
Oil Tanker Routes

Oil Tanker Routes

Oil tanker routes are relatively fixed in the same way that dry cargo, grain carriers or container vessels maintain shipping route. Many shipping companies have several different vessels which are assigned to different routes that are predetermined [...]
Egyptian Rulers Using Nile

Nile Cruise Ships

The Gift of the Nile crosses through probably some of the most hostile African nations. Beginning from Victoria and also the highlands of Ethiopian, Nile cruise ship records provide the rivers reputation for intruders and piracy of ships sailing [...]

Effect Of Chinese Aircraft Carriers On US Naval Interest

China has been the only permanent member of UN Security Council without an aircraft carrier. The acquisition of aircraft carrier by China has various reasons behind it which still remains unexplored. However, its effects on US Naval interests [...]