How To Overcome Fatigue On Ships?

In this article we will learn about fatigue management and how to overcome fatigue on ships and related marine sector jobs. As we know, literally every profession that is being practiced today comes with an inherent set of problems, shortcomings [...]
Rip Current Safety

How Rip Currents Work?

Before learning about rip current safety or understanding how rip currents work, it is important to understand the term itself. The currents flowing away from the shore are termed as rip currents. These are typically strong currents carrying [...]

Importance Of Search and Rescue Patterns

The importance of search and rescue patterns is relevant since not matter how ever developed our means may of transportation may get, the possibility of an emergency arising due to an accident or other reasons cannot be ruled out. The moment [...]
Lifejackets on Ships

Is Lifejacket 100% Safe?

A common question that people often ask is lifejacket 100% safe? Well the answer to the question is very complicated. This is mainly because the answer is very situational. In some cases the lifejacket is 100% safe and in some cases it is not. We [...]
Cruise Ship Passengers

Tips To Remain Healthy On Cruise Ships

Mariners i.e. people working on ships in a professional capacity, are a class apart and they endure long periods of isolated stay in the oceans, away from humanity, serving their responsibilities to the best of their ability. They make it possible [...]
Port State Control Inspection

Port State Control Inspection: Civil Vs Criminal Procedures

Water is a precious resource and even though oceans cover nearly 3/4th of the surface of the earth, they should be protected from pollution. It is the responsibility of everyone including the marine community to ensure that the sea is kept protected [...]
Abandon Ship Situation

Abandon Ship: The Extreme Marine Emergency

Abandon ship is a command which no master mariner wishes to give and no crew member of passenger wishes to hear in normal routine sailing, but it is a fact that many times this could be a necessity and the only hope for survival at sea. There [...]

What Are SART And EPIRB Used For?

In this article we will learn what are SART and EPIRB and what is their purpose of use on board ships. Both these devices are used for marine safety of ships, boats and other marine vessels. SART is called search and rescue transponder. It [...]
dangerous ocean waters

Dangerous Ocean Waters: Challenges At Sea

Oceans are a lovely place and mariners have the opportunity to see mother nature at close quarters. Yet at times dangerous ocean waters can be a cause for concern when sea turns rough. In today’s article we will discuss some of the most [...]
Mayday Distress Signal

Mayday Distress Signal

The title of mayday distress signal might seem confusing to many of you since generally speaking, we all know that Mayday is the Labour Day and it is celebrated all across the world on first day of May month each year. Yet in terms of marine [...]