Types of Fire Extinguishers

Types Of Fire Extinguishers On Ships

Fire is one the most dangerous events that could happen to a ship. A fire can occur either at a port or even during sailing at sea. Fire extinguishers are one of the equipment used to control fire on board ships and there are different types [...]
Unsinkable Ships

Unsinkable Ships: Role Of Bulkhead Doors

It has always been a dream of naval architects and marine engineers to make an unsinkable ship that would never sink. Every year a lot of mariners lose their life to accidents at sea. The experts made many ships in the past that they claimed [...]
Flooding of Emma Maersk

Flooding Of Emma Maersk

On 25th February 2013 the container ship Emma Maersk arrived at the port of Palermo. It was completely disabled at the time of arrival. This is because the engine room of the Emma Maersk was completely flooded. The situation was so bad that [...]
Heavy Load Lifting On Ships

Heavy Load Lifting On Ships

Heavy load lifting is a part of many jobs that we know of. In ships lifting heavy loads is common especially if you are working at junior level either in the deck or engine department. We will now discuss a little about heavy load lifting on [...]

Why Are Fires At Sea Dangerous?

Fires at sea are something which is always an avoidable situation. It is one of the dangers that the mariners face when they are at the sea. We will discuss the fire as a danger at the sea in this particular article. It should not be difficult [...]
Totally Enclosed Lifeboat

Totally Enclosed Lifeboat For Ships

Life boats are commonly used in ships. They are used in times of emergency to survive the rough waters. We will now discuss something about totally enclosed lifeboats. As the name itself suggest these boats are completely enclosed. They ensure [...]

Maritime Accidents: Is Complacency A Culprit?

Safety on the ship has always been a very important area of concern for the shipping companies. The statistical data prove that a lot of maritime accidents happen due to human error. We will now in this article discuss the role of complacency [...]

Ship Lifeboats: Marine Safety Equipment

Marine engineering and life of the seamen at the sea has taken some great twists and turns in the past. We are now going to discuss about the basic life saving gadgets that one uses when in sea. These are made compulsory by SOLAS (saving of [...]
Worst Marine Disaster

Greatest Marine Disaster

Marine disaster or catastrophe as the name itself suggests is a situation when a ship is lost in the sea as a result there is a complete loss of the ship and the also a huge loss of life. We will now discuss about the greatest marine disaster [...]

Maritime Accidents Investigation

Maritime Accidents have been bothering the sea farers and shipping companies for years now. Safety has always been a big concern for the shipping industry as such. We are now going to discuss about Maritime accidents investigation and the importance [...]