STCW – Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping

First drafted in 1978 the STCW (standards of training, certification and watch keeping did not make many changes, and had little impact on the mariners around the world. Making it a regulation that a captain or master needed a minimum of 4 years [...]

Sailors: The People Out At Sea

Sailors, Mariners, or Seamen are people that navigate or assist in navigation and operations on board water borne vessels. The term sailor could mean professional mariner military personnel or recreational sailing. The name is derived from the [...]

Female Marines

Due to the hard nature of being a marine makes some women avoid joining the service. Intensive/ hard training and the realization of living out at sea for months at a time add to the reluctance of becoming women marines. Today there is more [...]
STCW for Seafarers

STCW Training For Seafarers

STCW training or Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping Convention refers to a set of regulations or guidelines governing training of seafarers and was first drafted in the year 1978. As we know that seafaring is one of the oldest [...]

South Tyneside College

Author: Ricky The South Tyneside College, formerly known as the Marine and Technical College, is located in South Tyneside in North East England and has its main sites in the cities of South Shields and Hebburn. With an array of courses in [...]

Marine Certification and Education

Marine Certification There are various kinds of jobs for ship officers and crew, which require specialized marine certification and education. This is obvious since the job roles of sailors can be mainly be grouped into either marine engineers [...]

Basic First Aid Training

Author: Capt. Srivastava (Marine Master) It might appear surprising as to why basic first aid training is relevant to the marine profession. As you would understand that medical emergencies can occur anywhere and anytime. Seafaring as a profession [...]