Bulk Carriers

Types Of Sailing Ships

There are various types of ships that sail in the oceans. We will now discuss a few of them. This will help you to understand the types of ships and how they are used. I hope after reading this article you will have a fair idea about the type [...]
How Does A Submarine Work

How Does A Submarine Work?

Submarine means something that can go deep into the water even to a level where good divers cannot dream of going. We will now discuss all about submarines and how does a submarine work? Submarines are huge vessels that can go deep into the [...]
Argo Floats: Robots At Sea

Argo Floats: Robots At Sea

The weather condition of the earth is changing fast. There are lot of green house effect that is increasing the temperature of earth every day. This also leads to the melting of the ice poles. We are facing a lot of concerns. The first step [...]
Dry Bulk Carrier

Dry Bulk Carrier

Mostly confused for ordinary ships the dry bulk carrier is a specialized vessels that few ordinary civilians know about. The vessel is designed for transporting dry materials that could range from food grain to coal and other minerals or fertilizer. [...]
Bulk Carrier Oils

Bulk Carrier Oils

Bulk carrier oils are some of the most important marine vessels that sail the high sea today, many would associate these vessels to carry crude oil but they are many different products they carry that we use on a daily basis. There are many [...]

Super Tanker

The past century can be noted for the construction of the super tanker and as we proceed in to the future we expect to see even larger tankers than we have today. The super tanker was primarily built to carry crude oil. With the increase in [...]

Tug Boat Engines

Due to the nature of the job they do tug boat engines must be very powerful to be able to accomplish the duties assigned to them. There is a variety of different engines to suite each tug but they all have characteristics that are similar to [...]

Towing Boats In Shipping

These marine vessels are primarily used for towing and pushing barges and guiding ships while maneuvering in narrow water ways. They are very powerful boats with flat fronts used to push ships and barges in to position. Tow boats have a characteristic [...]

Other Cargo Tankers

It is common that many civilians associate the term tankers with oil and oil products, but this is not the case and there are other cargo tankers that specialize in transporting different commodities. To create more awareness on this topic, [...]

Roll on-Roll off Ships(Types of Ships)

Types of Ships: Roll on/Roll off Ships 75% of land is covered with water; hence it must be put to optimum use for transporting various goods from one place to another. There are various other means of transport like cars, trucks; etc which are [...]