B&W Ship Engines

B&W Ship Engines

B&W Ship Engines

If you thought that B&W engines were meant only for motor vehicles then you might be surprised to know that B&W ship engines are also available. They are used to propel huge ships. They have a long history of manufacturing world class engines. We will now discuss the same in more details in this article.

B&W ship engines are being manufactured since early nineteen hundred. The head office of this company is situated in Germany. The company produces various engines and they even customise engines for many customers. The name is highly trusted by all ship manufacturers across the world. The quality and the efficiency with which they have been manufacturing ship engines are unparalleled  They have created a market share and niche for themselves which is hard to beat. The company also customizes engines as per the requirement of the client. They have many old and new clients from across the globe.

KEF Series

B&W ship engines are definitely a class apart. We will now discuss about some of these engines. The first on the list is the KEF series that was launched in the market about two decades back. These revolutionised the ship engines. These were the first engines that could be incorporated with exhaust valves. These were push rod operated and were installed with turbo charging system. The reversing in this engine was to be done mechanically.

KFG Series

KFG series is the next type of B&W ship engines. These are similar to the one mentioned above. The engine again consisted of exhaust valves. It also had roller bearings installed. The engine required a pressure of forty bars to reverse.

MC Series

Now we move on to another series of B&W ship engines and that is called MC series. These became the most popular type of B&W ship engines. These are fitted with the electronic control unit. This made the B&W ship engines very user friendly and safe to operate indeed. This particular engine was also fitted with a VIT that ensured that the fuel consumption was limited. This technique also ensured that the power production in this case was the maximum. The air was used to reverse the engine. Overall looking at all the aspects this was the best engine series from B&W ship engines. No wonder they became market leaders in no time.

ME Series

Another popular series of B&W ship engines is the ME series. It is the latest in the line of products that were launched by the B&W ship engines. This too is technically more advanced than its pioneers. It has an electronic automation installed in the engine. This ensures that using this engine is safe for the operator and also that the power consumption is minimum. The engine is very economical. It also provides smoke less operation. This series in the B&W ship engines also come with a very unique liquid gas injection system that is used for LPG fuel. These are the reasons why this series of the B&W ship engines is doing so well and has so many takers for it.

Making a ship engine is a challenging job. There are very strict regulations on the emission that happens from a ship engine. Apart from this the efficiency of the fuel is an important factor that must be kept in mind. This is exactly why very few companies in the world have the expertise to create these engines. One such name is B&W ship engines. They have been doing the job for years. They have a big research and development team who work day and night to improve the technology of the B&W ship engines. This is just because of the dedicated employees that the company has been leading the market for so many years. The company is also known for its after sale service and its ability to please the clients.

The B&W ship engines are very popular ship engines that are used all across the world. In spite of being such a popular type of engine the fact is that very few people from non-marine community actually know that B&W ship engines also exist. The main assumption is that B&W engines are only for automobiles this is not true. These B&W ship engines are mostly diesel engines. They are easily available in the market and have been tested over time.

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