Description Of Wartsila-Sulzer Engine

We will try to explain about the maintenance of the Wartsila Sulzer engine as an example about main engine maintenance on ships.

The RND-M engine is a single acting, reversible two-stroke marine diesel engine for direct propeller drive with exhaust gas turbocharging and loop scavenging.

The RNF-M engine is principally the same but is used to drive electric generators and consequently is not reversible.

The bedplate and columns as main parts of crankcase is braced with the cylinder jacket by means of tie-rods. The crankcase and the cylinders are separated from each other by intermediate partitions and two stuffing boxes, arranged one above the other.

The exhaust gases from all cylinders flow directly through the exhaust ports into the main manifold. During operation an almost constant pressure is obtained in the exhaust manifold. The turbochargers are mounted on top of the scavenge air receiver and operate on constant principle.

The outer continuous part of the scavenge air receiver is used as a scavenging duct. The inner part is subdiveded according to the width of the cylinders by transverse partitions. The small centre longitudinal duct is used for part load operation in conjunction with the auxiliary blower. Non-return values are fitted between of the scavenge air receiver and the buffer spaces.

After passing the turbocharging the air flows through the air cooler into the outer part of the scavenge air receiver.

The cylinder jackets, cylinder covers, turbocharger and fuel injection valves are cooled by fresh water. The air cooler can either be cooled by sea, or fresh water.

The thrust bearing and the turning gear are mounted on driving end of the engine, where as the water and lubricating oil pumps are separate from the engine driven by electric motors.

The fuel injection pumps are arranged at the level of the middle gallery on the side opposite to the exhaust duct. The common camshaft of the fuel injection pumps is driven by wheels.

The control stand comprises all instruments and control elements necessary for the supervision and operation of the engine.

All values for the controls and supervision of the engine are fitted in the pneumatic logic box which in turn is mounted on the engine.

The engine control system is designed in such a way that at any time a bridge control can be fitted.

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