5 Top Facilities Sailors Would Want

The life of sailors is quite a tough one. They have to spend months on ships. They cannot see their families for months. In this article we will discuss 5 top facilities sailors would want. We are trying to discuss some facilities that the shipping companies can provide the sailors to motivate them. These steps can also attract new talent into the field.

Sailors Demands

Sailors Demands


The first point that we would like to discus under the 5 top facilities sailors would want is that the shipping companies should ensure that they take good care of the ladies. Many female employees in the ships feel that they have a harder life as there are very few women on board. The shipping company and navy should encourage more women to take up this challenging profession. They should make policies that will make women and men at par. Navy was always meant for men as a result today there are many policies that need to be amended so that more women can enter the field. The policies of maternity leave and getting families on board can be revised a little. So that the women sailors can think of having a family.


The next in the 5 top facilities sailors would want is that the leave policies of the sailors can be checked. The shipping companies can look at engaging the sailor for two months and then give then leave for two months. This will make them less homesick and more efficient. Many shipping companies have started to look at shorter contracts. However, it is not always a possibility as some shipping assignments may take months. This will ensure that the sailor can spend quality time with the families. Being on board for six months at a stretch can be both physically and emotionally very stressful. In the olden days the sailors would spend months away from the family. The situation has changed a little but still there is a long way to go. The sailors can be allowed to get their family on board more often so that they stay happy and satisfied.


When we discuss 5 top facilities sailors would want we have to mention the life on board. The sailors spend months in the ship. The shipping companies can ensure that they provide them with good accommodation. The food and clothing that the sailors are provided during these months must be of high standard. There should be good option to rest and relax in the ship. If a sailor needs treatment that should be easily available. The food that is cooked on daily basis should have an interesting menu. These can make the life of the sailor better. The ships can be equipped with television where the sailors can watch movies. The ships can also have a library. The shipping companies can arrange for classes like yoga and other such activities so that the sailors get a good break.


In today’s world of internet the sailors can communicate with their families through video chat. It is not possible for the shipping companies to provide net all the time. However, they can install powerful wifi and provide computers to the sailors so that they can interact with their families from time to time. This will definitely be a great moral boost to the sailors. This is also the fourth point that we would like to mention in the 5 top facilities sailors would want.


In the last point on 5 top facilities sailors would want we have to mention another big concern that the sailors face. The sailors spend a lot of time on the ship. They have to prepare for exams in order to get promoted. The shipping companies can arrange for the sailors some special classes and training that they can use in order to prepare for the exams. Many sailors join the ship at early age as a result they may not have good soft skills. The ships can arrange for soft skill training so that they can become more skillful. These short term courses will keep them busy and also motivate them.

We hope that by reading this article you have got a fair idea of 5 top facilities sailors would want. These will definitely make the life of the sailors on board better. Many people don’t take up the profession of sailors considering the hardships that they may have to face. This is exactly why we say that these facilities can attract more talents into the field.

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