A Black Hole On Earth!!!

In case you thought that black holes are confined to outer space and the nearest black hole are many light years away from earth. Let me tell you, a black hole is perhaps not as far as you always thought it to be. Many scientists believe that there is one on earth itself.

The location is as close as Atlantic Ocean and the name of this black hole is “Bermuda triangle”.

Since years many ships and planes have been vanishing from this area. No one knows how and what exactly happens. As none of the ship wrecks were ever found and neither were there a sole survivor to tell the story.

This area is termed as a black hole as anything that goes missing here is never traced back, they disappear as though they never existed. There has been many researches done in this topic and the study is still going on. Scientists have used all the modern technologies known to them in unraveling the mystery of this area. Many theories have been put forward.

Still there are ships and planes that go missing in this area even today. The locals also call it the devil’s triangle.
Yes, next time someone asks you about a black hole do tell them about this interesting black hole that exists here on earth itself!

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