A Day As a Seafarer

Depending on each individuals rank a day as a seafarer will have his fare share of work on board the vessel. Responsibilities for each member must be carefully and accurately being done on board vessels since everyone is expected to do his duty without being supervised always.

A Day as a seafarer

A Day as a seafarer

Initially when a person joins a marine vessel, he finds the situation odd, since the vessels are not stable and keeps rocking on the waves. Performing duties efficiently takes some time before one gets good at performing tasks. This is not a problem for people who are determined to succeeding in a career since we have to struggle and build our reputation whether on land or at sea. For this reason patients and adjust-ability with the elements must be coped with to succeed with your duties.

There is no such thing like getting a break because you are new to the job. From the first day you are expected to perform your job, you might be slow to adjust but you should be active and do what you can. As time passes and you get used to, there will be more responsibilities assigned to the sailor.

The first voyage is what makes or breaks a sailor since many voyages and for long periods at a time by the time the new sailor is back on land he has experience many thing sailors deal with on a daily basis. At this stage they can either stay and continue with the profession or move to a land based profession. The success rate of sailors remaining with a vessel for a longer period is higher than the people who pack their bags and leave, since determination is what counts more than experience at this stage.

The daily routine of a sailor is much like a common person; there are 8 working hours and meals that are distributed at the normal meal times. The main differences are on vessels the 8 hrs shift is usually broken in to two 4 hour shift assigned to three groups. This is done to maintain personnel on standby round the clock. This means the vessel is manned 24/7. There is limited space were we can move, but sailors find favorite places on the vessel they can pass their free time.

They say success is achieved by who looks for it and not who waits for it to come. For this reason let us take some time to thank and applaud sailors for their contributions to our lives through social networks or mass media on the 25 June 2011(the seafarer’s day)


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