A World without Sea Farers

Today some sea farers face major obstacles in their profession but this does not mean we will be having a world without sea farers anytime soon, we should never the less consider what would happen if they weren’t there. Many problems are due to the difficult conditions that they need to deal with while out at sea but a more recent reason has put many sailors sailing in and around the red sea and the horn of African on edge. ”PIRATES” it sounds unreal since we have only read about pirates in books and watched them on movies but no Pirates do exist in the modern world. Technology has not helped eradicate them and they have taken advantage of this to terrorize seafarers that approach their coasts.

A World without Sea Farers

A World without Sea Farers

Due to the hard ships these men and women face to deliver our requirements, it is just fair for us as consumers to appreciate their work and compliment them for what they do. It is importance to understand how they contribute to our world and what our world would turn to if they did not work. Let us go ahead and discuss some eventualities that we should expect in case of a shipping shutdown.

Start ages world start taking place in different countries. Each different product would be exhausted at different stage

i.        OIL and GAS would be the first to disappear in the majority of countries. Even countries with that have under marine pipelines would suffer huge shortages. Lake of oil would mean:

  • Most oil based transport would grind to a stop. This has deeper implications than just walking to work. As oil run the economy and most manufacturing industry depends on petroleum products directly or indirectly to maintain production thing would start getting ugly soon after.
  • Slowly as time passed production of slowly fade away and major shortages of manufactured goods would begin. The shortage would not impact people in a day or a week but after a fort night surely effect would be felt. Day to day items like washing power and soap would be in shortage, manufactured food like chips and other products would be harder and more expensive to buy.
  • Food production would be next major sector that would be affected if the shipping industry was to stop. Since agriculture relies of oil fuel for most of the cultivation and harvesting. The next seasonal crop yield would dramatically drop due to unavailability of fuel oil to run machinery. Without machinery people would cultivate tiny patches of land that can only sustain their own house hold. This would be perhaps the most devastating effect. On the other hand countries with the commodity would have major problems curbing shortages of other products like food.

Now I hope we are on the same level of understanding. Marine transport contributes to a majority of the world bulk of transported goods and surely we would struggle allot to adjust to changes in a world without seafarers. For this reason we should consider and show our appreciation to them by joining to together and thanking them on 25 June via all mass media and social networks.


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