Are There Treasures Hidden In Sea?

In the olden days ships was the only means of transport between continents as airplanes were not known. The navigation system at that time was not very effective. The ships were made of wood. All these reasons combined and there were many ships that met with severe accidents. The accidents could be cause by the fury of nature and also by human error. The merchants knew that if they are sending ten ships at least two will never reach the destination.

The pirates were very common in the seas of the past. They were also responsible for many ship wrecks. There is no record of the ships that met with accidents. These incidents are recorded in stories related to history.

The Hidden Treasures

As there is no official record it is not possible to say how many ships have met with their doom in the sea. It is also not possible to say what would be the amount of treasure that is hidden under the sea. The experts say that there is a possibility of huge treasure that is spread across the world.

Deep Sea Treasures

Deep Sea Treasures

For centuries many men have been putting their life at risk to locate the hidden treasures. Some of them have succeeded. The proof of which can be found in some museums across the world. There is no record of some huge treasure that was located under the oceans. This makes the stories a little baseless. The experts say that there were ships that did meet their end in the sea. The two major factors that make it difficult to locate the treasure in those ships are:

  1. It is not possible to get the exact location of where the ship actually drowned. In those days the technology was not so good that we could locate the exact location of the ship wreck. The storms are so strong that they can drift a ship by kilometers.
  2. The sea water is not a good place for metals. If a metal is inside the se for years it will rust. It will also develop mosses. The deterioration will be fast and so bad that it would be impossible to locate the wealth. Most of the wealth was lost thousands of years ago. This is exactly why the possibility of locating the treasures hidden in sea even lesser.

These are the two primary reasons that are associated with the difficulty of locating treasure inside the oceans. The governments of the countries have made rules that if any treasure is found in the oceans of the country it must be returned to the government of the country. If it is not done then it will be considered as illegal and punishable.

Many people and divers across the world have searched the oceans for treasures hidden in sea. Some ship wrecks were located. But there were no major sign of hidden treasure. Perhaps the treasures were already located and taken. Maybe the treasure rusted and eroded. The explanation can be any. Some bronze and gold coins were located by divers who often go into the sea. Till date no major finding has been confirmed in any part of the world.

Ideas for Movies

The concept of treasures hidden in sea has been inspiring film makers and writers for years. The famous book Treasure Island was written by R.L Stevenson. It is said that the book was inspired by the church treasure of Lima that was buried in the Puerto Rico’s Cocos Island. The stories are fascinating.

Some people think that the concept of treasures hidden in sea is a matter of fiction. Some still feel that there is some treasure that is still hidden in the sea. They spend years of their life looking for the same.

A Message for Deep Sea Treasure Hunters

You can keep looking. You never know when exactly you will become lucky! You may locate the treasure but one thing is for nearly certain. It will not be a shining piece of metal. It will be a rusted piece that you can handover to the museums. The treasure will be in a form that will definitely be beyond recognition. It will require only an expert to understand the true value of this wealth. It will not have a great economic worth but historically it may be of great importance. It can also give you some moments of fame.

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