Around The World in 80 Days

The very mention of the name around the world in 80 days, take us to our childhood days when we have at least once read the famous novel by Julies Verne called the same. We all have read this book and wondered if this is actually possible and wished we could do the same. Many movies and series today are based on this unique concept.

Some men and women have taken up the challenge and they have actually gone around the world in 80 days some have even achieved it in lesser days. In today’s world of flights this is quite possible in even shorter span as we can fly around.

However, when Julies Verne wrote his world famous book back then flying was not such as easy option. Perhaps he did not even know that the book he is writing will keep inspiring youths and kids for ages and make them go around the world in this record time.

In today’s world many of us try to do around the world in 80 days just to achieve a record or break a record. Have you ever wondered that for some going around the world in 80 days will actually be a necessity and they get paid for this? Well it’s true the people do these are called mariners and they work for the shipping lines and navy of their country. This challenge, the excitement as well as the biggest disadvantage in the life of a naval officer is the fact that he or she has to go around the world all the time. For them it is a matter of joke. What we think of achieving once in a life time they do it innumerable times.

There are many professions that we know of and want to peruse. If going around the world does inspire you then the profession of a naval officer or a mariner is for you. The challenges are many and you get to see countries that are absolutely exotic and the experience different cultures. You can do all this at no personal expense and share your adventures with your friends and families.

Sounds exciting I am sure it does. However, like any other profession it has its own list of cons. You will not be able to see your families and friends for years. There will be definitely some amount of solitude and loneliness that is associated with this job. You must consider this aspect of it before you think of taking it up. Nevertheless, the silver line is perhaps to get something you will have to sacrifice something.

I hope you now understand precisely why I titled this article as around the world in 80 days. This is the best way I could describe the life and the activities of a naval officer. Hope you had a great time reading it as I had a great time writing this for you. I am sure that next time you hear of around the world in 80 days it will have a whole new meaning for you.

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