Belize Registry

Let us first try and understand what exactly Belize registry actually is before we move into the various details. It was originally known as British Honduras. It is situated in east coast of Central America. Belize played a pivotal role in Mayan empire. It granted independence in 1981. Well apart from its interesting history. There is something more special about this country.

The International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize (IMMARBE) the head office of this is located in Belize. It is included in the white-list of IMO (international maritime organization). It is ISO 2000 certified. This organization is recognized not only in the United States but in the whole world.

Now that you have a fair idea about what exactly Belize registry is let us get into some more details that you might be interested in knowing. The international business companies’ registry is located in marina towers in Belize. It also follows registration procedure for shipping vessels.

The registration fees is one hundred dollars and annual radio licence fees is about fifty dollars. The annual taxes for yachts from six to fifteen meters are two hundred and fifty dollars. The annual taxes for yachts from fifteen to twenty five meters are around five hundred dollars. The safety requirements that holds good for pleasure crafts or yachts are the tonnage certificate that is issued is a permanent one and is not required to re issue the same. The certificate of compliance that is issued to the crafts is for five years validity and needs to be renewed from time to time. The surveyors appointed by the company itself survey the vessels every five years for fees of five hundred dollars a year. If the vessel is in a place that is so remote that the company cannot send its representatives. Then in that case the shipping company itself can appoint a surveyor and they need to send the details of the surveyor to the company. So that the company can be rest assured that the person doing the survey is capable and able to do the job as per the requirement. Only after they are satisfied with the ability of the surveyor will they accept the report. Sometimes the pleasure craft or yacht is under repair and is laid in a ship yard as a result the ship cannot be surveyed. In that case they are given a maximum grace period of two months for certification. This too is possible only of a local authority gives in writing that the ship is not in a condition that it can be brought for inspection. If the ship is not brought for inspection in the given time then the lip will be removed from the certified list. The ship owner’s eligibility states that the local ownership of the ship and its participation is not required. The registration of merchant ships act of 1989 is revised from time to time to suite the requirements of the modern shipping organizations. It was last amended in 1996. It states that the provisional registration of the ships is valid for six months only. If anyone wants to extend the same then owner has to present the original and required documents to the shipping company within the time line given. The documents that the ship owner needs to present are a request for the confirmation of the name of the vessel that will affirm that the name they have selected is acceptable. The next is an application for registration for ships that is duly completed and signed by the applicant or the vessel owner. One application each is required for each vessel. This is a very vital document and it includes all the vital information that is required for issuance of a provisional ship station license. Mowing to some more important documentations are proof of ownership. It can be in the form of a bill of sale, auction document or it can be a builder’s certificate. Whichever of this is available? A power of attorney to a shipping agent in Belize is also required. A valid cargo ship safety radio certificate which has to be in compliance with the GMDSS code is also required. This is wherever applicable not for all vessels. International tonnage certificate this is also required as per vessel. Proof compliance is also required with ISM code copy of document of compliance and safety management certificate. This document also depends on the requirement. This is not indispensable for all vessels. A document that is needed by all is application for minimum safe manning certificate. A letter of confirmation from an authorized radio accounting entity that takes the undertaking of payment of the vessel’s radio accounts. The owner also needs to present a letter of undertaking stating that that any endorsements in the licence of the ship officers will be submitted. In case of provisional registration these list of documents can be sent by fax. Even vessels that are under construction can be also given a provisional registration.

The ship owner may also obtain a provisional patent of navigation and provisional ship station licence also from the head office or from the designated offices of the registry that are located worldwide. Even fishing vessels can be registered. If the owner wants to register fishing vessels then they must clearly mention the area where the fishing activity will be carried on. If the fishing vessel will be used in the European union region then they must meet the sanitary inspection requirements of European directives.Permanent registration is valid for a period of maximum five years. It can be granted immediately as soon as the required documents are received by the registry with the applicable fees. For this the documents required are Original sale instrument, original deletion certificate from the previous registry, power of attorney as discussed earlier in this article. A valid cargo ship safety radio certificate, this also has to be accompanied with an application form for maritime ship station licence, the other documents remain same as for the provisional registration. All these documents must be in English. If foreign language is used the translation must be given along. These must be originals. Scan copy or fax cannot work for permanent registration. I hope now you have a fair understanding of Belize registry and how to get it.

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