Shipping Ports: A Qualitative Overview

Best and Worst Ports in the World

Ports in the World

Ports as we all know are nothing but a parking zone for the ships. They ensure that the ships are safe and get all the technical support that is needed to get the ships back on form. This is exactly why they become so important both commercially and also for the army of the nation. You must keep in mind that just having a sea line does not make it possible to make a port everywhere. They depend on the sea level and various other factors.

There are many major port cities in the world. Well as we know that mariners on ships spends months on boards. They definitely get tired of sailing and the routine life that they have on the ships. To get rid of this monotony the ports also provide them a good opportunity to take a break and get back in form. Which is very important for them otherwise they will be not in a position to get back to duties with full dedication.

This is exactly the reason why the port cities all over the world have good facilities for entertainment, good restaurants pubs and other interesting activities. These ensure that the tired mariners get their full dose of entertainment and relaxation before they board the ships again. We will now discuss about the best and Worst Ports in the World. I hope by now you have understood what ports are and what exactly their functions are. This will help you to understand the difference between best and worst ports in the world.

The best ports are off course those that meet all the criteria mentioned above. They have the technical ability to ensure that the ships can be kept their safely. They can get the technical support needed to set them back on track for a new voyage. These ports also ensure that they rejuvenated the tired and bored mariners so that they are all set to take up another voyage. A bad port on the contrary is one that cannot fulfil these purposes. Simple right, well we will now discuss these best and worst ports in the world with more details so that you can understand the concept better.

One way you can judge a good port is from the fact that it will be a busy one. Lot of ships will come there and the life in these cities will definitely be a class apart. Singapore is the name that first comes to our mind when we say the best ports in the world. It is one of the busiest for sure. This city is the export hub for Asia. It has a tremendous capacity. It can hold up to sixty seven ships at one go. It can also hold up to forty four container ships. It is a very popular tourist destination. The city is flooded with night clubs, pubs, hotels, water sports, etc. These help the mariners to have a great time and take a break.

The next on the list of the best ports in the world is the Shanghai port in China. It has the largest capacity in the world to hold container ships. It is huge but it is well managed as a result the operations are smooth and effective. It is the major port in China and is the hub for its import and export activities. The city also provides a lot of options for other interesting activities to the mariners. The port is well equipped with all modern technology. The port of Nagoya in Japan also must be mentioned in this list. It has a huge area where it spreads to. It has a huge commercial importance that is associated with it. The cargo that it handles is the maximum in the world. No need to say that the mariners love this city especially because of the various activities that they can do here.

When we talk about the best ports in the world we have to mention the name of the port in south Louisiana in the United States. It is the largest port in the world for bulk cargo. It has been ranked as the largest port in the world. It is well connected to the rest of the country. The port is about fifty four miles long and is very effective as well as well managed. The city also give a great experience to the mariners who are tired after sailing for days.

The Netherlands has a very popular port that is also ranked as one of the best in the world. It is the port of Rotterdam. One of the busiest ports in the world no doubts about that. The interesting part about this pot is that it is one of the oldest in the world too. It was built way back in the 14th century. It has all the modern amenities and machines that are required to run a port efficiently. The petrochemical industry of this region relies a lot on this port.

We are now almost done with the five best ports of the world. Well the fact is that there are many more such ports in the world. We cannot discuss all of them. It is not possible to list them all in this one single list. However, we have tried to cover and discuss the best five. We will now move on the worst five in the list of the ports in the world. The list is purely based on location and the facilities that these ports provide. The Karachi port in Pakistan is the first in the list. The port has a major drawback. There are mangroves near it as a result the construction of the port has raised huge environmental concerns in this area. Nevertheless, with time it is catching up on technology, cleanliness and operations. It has a long way to go before it reaches the level of its counterparts.

The second name in the list of the worst ports in the world is the Chittagong port in Bangladesh. The port is not very well equipped when it comes to technology. It is also said that the port makes huge money in bribery. Corruption is very high in this port as a result its operations are not effective enough. The next port that we are going to discuss is the port of Nouadhibou in Mauritania. This port is famous as it exports meteorites that are very commonly found in the Sahara desert and are valued very high. The interesting fact is that in the last one decade about three hundred ships have drowned in this area. The major reason for these mishaps is the fact that many discarded ships float in the waters around this area. Corruption and bribery are also important factors in the bad management of this port.

The port of Morseby in Papua New Guinea is considered to be one of the worst ports in the world. The port is neglected. There is no support from the government and the people working on the port are also ignorant. These reasons combine up and as a result the port is not suitable for operations. The port AI Faw in Iraq is the last name that we are going to discuss among the worst ports in the world. It was mostly used to export oil. However, after the war with the United States the oil conditions in Iraq have suffered as a result this port has also lost its old glory. The lack of funds, maintenance and lack in operations has made it one of the worst ports in the world.

These are the names that we could think of in the list of the best and worst ports in the world. The list is majorly based on the activities and the technical facilities that are available in these ports. I hope this will help you to understand the best and worst ports in the world in more details.

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