Black Sea Facts

Black Sea Facts

Black Sea Facts

Unlike the name suggests Black is not a sea that is black in color. Black sea has beautiful blue water that can leave you spell bound. We will discuss some of the black sea facts in this article. This will help you get a better idea about this interesting sea and it’s features. This is the largest inland sea in the world. You must be wondering why the sea is called black sea. Well the answer is for a long time the sea could not be navigated. Well with time the sea is now easily asses sable but the name still remains.

The 6 Countries

The black sea is surrounded by six countries. The sea is between Asia and Europe. Its shores are found in the countries namely Turkey, Romania, Russia, Georgia, Bulgaria and Ukraine. You can see the black sea in the map that is attached. The shape of the sea is unique and interesting too. There is a great mystery behind the name of black sea. Turkish people gave this name to the sea. The Greeks called in inhospitable sea. Greeks also were the first to navigate the sea. This is exactly why it was called hospitable sea. However, the name given by the Turkish is what people still follow all across the world.

The black sea has anoxic water. It is the largest water body in the world with a meromictic basin. This means that the water of the lower level of the sea and the lower levels of the sea hardly move in between. This is exactly why there is a big difference in temperature between the water on the top level and the low level. The water in the low level is also absolutely deprived of oxygen.

Noah’s Ark & Black Sea Facts

Noah’s ark that was built to save the species on earth finally landed on a high point after months of sailing in the sea. This peak was supposed to be the Mount Ararat. This mount can be located in the coasts of the Black sea. This is exactly why Black sea is considered to be the point where Noah’s ark finally rested. This makes the sea a very important one too. There is no proof to support this theory. However, this story just makes it one of the most popular places on earth.

The black sea has about ten small islands in it. These islands are beautiful and each one of them belongs to six different nations. These islands are exotic and attract a lot of tourists every year. They are very popular for water sports. Another interesting as well as scary fact about the Black sea is that it is said that dead lie inside the sea.

In spite of years gone by you can still find remains of rope, ships and even human bodies in the sea bed. The bodies are generally is good condition. This may sound weird but the scientists have an explanation. The scientists believe that the sea is lacking oxygen as a result the decomposition inside the sea is almost negligible. This is exactly why it is believed that the dead live in the Black sea.

We have discussed few interesting Black sea facts in this article. Well there are two more left. This makes the Black sea facts totally eight in number. Another very fascinating black sea fact is that the water level always remain the same. This is because there are hardly any high and low tides in this region. The sea is closed from all the sides and this is exactly why the sea is very calm from the top. The sea is one of the calmest in the world. You will feel like you are entering a big swimming pool. This makes the Black sea a popular destination for all. The water of the black sea is clean and blue.

The last black sea fact that we are going to discuss is that the Black sea is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole world. When you visit it you can enjoy the hospitality of six countries that is not possible in any other part of the world. The tourists can enjoy a relaxed and laid back vacation in the black sea. There are many cruise ships that operate in the Black sea.

Cruise is the best way to explore the beauty of this inland sea. You can also enjoy a cruise into the Mediterranean Sea as a bonus to the Black sea cruise. We definitely recommend the black sea to all those who are interested in marine adventures.

We would say that the Black sea is perhaps one of the must see places in the world. I hope the Black sea facts will help you to understand this fascinating sea better. We also hope that you will visit this sea soon.

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