Can You See Birds In Middle Of The Ocean?

Bird watching can be a hobby to many. Whenever we talk about bird watching the sight that comes is of a dense forest or of a lake. Rarely will one imagine a deep sea to spot birds. Well some mariners can imagine. We will now discuss can you see birds in middle of the ocean. Well the answer is not really. The birds need land to live.

They need trees to make nest. They feed on fruits and berries. They can also feed on worms but that can be found in the land again. There are some species of birds that survive on fish. They live near the sea and as a result they have evolved themselves to feed on fish. When you visit a beach you will see a lot of birds that fly around the beach and catch fish.

Flying Fish

Flying Fish

We will now discuss a little more on can you see birds in middle of the ocean. As you move deep into the sea up to a certain distance you can definitely see birds. These birds have strong wings and they can fly even against strong sea breeze. They feed on small fish and also on the fish that is caught by the fishermen. You will spot these birds till the area fishing is allowed. After that you will not find them as they don’t have the ability to fish in deep waters. This is why these birds will often vanish away after a point.

The Flying Fish

As you go deep into the sea and cruise through the waters you may often spot something flying on the surface of the water. They are silver in co lour and are usually a lot in number. You may for a second feel that this is a figment of your imagination. Just take out your telescope and you will be amazed to see at a magic nature has weaved. These are not birds they are fish. These are fish that have evolved with small wings like the birds. They are called the flying fish.

No one can really explain why they were gifted with wings. They cannot fly very high like the bird. They can only go up to a few feet. Many mariners will tell you about these interesting creatures. Some say that they evolved in this way so that they could escape the water reptiles. The fossils of the flying fish have been studied by the experts to understand the mystery behind their evolution. There are about fifty species of these flying fish across the world.

Muscles or Wings


They wings are basically fins that are attached to muscles that allow them to be used as wings. A lot of research is being done to understand how and why these fishes have evolved. There is very little known so far. Whatever is known we have already mentioned in this article. These flying fish look very beautiful and can be easily spotted from a ship or a boat. Now that you know how exactly they are you can spot them more easily.

The flying fish is the only flying creature that you can find in the deep sea. They are basically fish and not birds. So the answer to the question can you see birds in middle of the ocean remains a no. When a bird is spotted near the boat or ship after weeks of sailing it can only be an indication of the fact that land is close. Some mariners have birds as pets. These birds are let free to fly in the oceans. They will fly around and then get back to the ship for rest and food.

These birds can be spotted flying around. Sea is not the natural habitat for birds. They were evolved to be in the land and the areas around the land. Every evening they need to get back home and get some rest. This is not possible when they are in the deep sea. This is exactly why you will not spot any birds in the deep sea. Where will they make nest? They cannot have salt water. They need fresh water to survive. Getting fresh water in the middle of the ocean is only a dream.

You can also talk to the mariners and they will tell you how excited they feel at the sight of a bird. As they know that land is near and they can expect to see some greenery. We hope that we have been able to explain well can you see birds in middle of the ocean. We have tried to answer the question and all the possibilities that can be associated with this theory. We hope that you found this article on can you see birds in middle of the ocean interesting and informative.

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