Can you Swim in the Dead Sea?

Earth has many mysteries and we all know that. We will discuss about one such mysteries today in this article of ours. Have you ever heard of the Dead Sea sounds a little scary doesn’t it? Well don’t worry it is nothing to be scared about. It is a miracle of nature indeed. We will now tell you a little more about this unique sea which is perhaps not a sea at all. Located in Jordan, to be more precise it is about fifteen miles away from Jerusalem.

The sea at some places is about one thousand feet deep. Interestingly, the salt content of the sea is so high that it is said to be the saltiest sea ever. If you feel that swimming in this sea will be difficult because of its depth. In case you are wondering if – can you swim in the Dead Sea? Then let us tell you it is perhaps a joke of nature. Even if you don’t know to swim you can hit the Dead Sea safely. Well the reason is the fact that the high content of the dead see makes it possible for anyone to float in the water. Even if you are people who don’t know swimming then in the Dead Sea you can float comfortably.
However, if you are planning to swim in the Dead Sea then let us tell you that it is not possible. You can only float in the waters of the Dead Sea. This is primarily because the Dead Sea has such high content of salt that it is impossible to swim in the same. It is perhaps not a sea at all it is a lake. It s has about thirty percent salt in its water. You can sit in the sea bed and feel the push that will take you to the surface of the water. This will give you a feel of jack in the box in real life. The buoyancy in the water is very high. You have for sure never experienced anything like this in your life. If you still have the question in mind- Can you swim in the Dead Sea? Then the answer is, definitely a no. However, if you ask can I sink in the Dead Sea then the answer still remains a no. There are many stunts that you can try in this sea that you cannot do in any other water body. For example walk into the water for some time till you reach waist high in the water. Just lean back and you will be amazed to see how the water pops up your feet. It is perhaps the best place on earth where you can feel like playing with the nature and its forces.
It is basically a huge lake you can say. The size is so huge that you cannot the other shore. This is exactly why it is called a sea. The very famous Dead Sea as we know it as today. The name Dead Sea is given to it because it does not give the feel of a sea. You cannot swim in it. The waters will never allow you to swim. You can only feel a sense of floating in here that’s all. It sounds exciting but for a first timer this sea can be a challenge. This is exactly why lifeguards are placed at various areas on the sea shore.
The water has properties that can cure skin diseases and also good for any problems related to respiration. The mud of the sea is used in Spa treatments. In 2011 a research was published stating that by floating in this water for twenty minutes the sugar level in blood can reduce drastically. Many tourists every year visit this part of the world for the medical benefits that are scientifically associated with the Dead Sea. The waters are actually blessed.
I know the idea is fascinating. This is an important tourist spot and people from across the globe visit the Dead Sea to experience something that is not actually possible in any other water body. Well now that we have told you about this unique sea and why you cannot swim in it. There is a word of caution that must be told here. You have to be very careful when you go to this sea. Always wear a good water shoes else you will land up badly hurting your legs. For men t will be a good idea not to shave if you are planning to go to the Dead Sea as the water can tan you really bad. If you are a woman try to wear a swimming suit that is old.

This is advised because the water discolours clothes very fast. As soon as you come out of the water just immediately start looking out for fresh water. A dip in fresh water will remove the chemicals that you have gathered in the sea. If you have a wound in any part of your body don’t get into the water as you will very well understand what it feels to get salt water to your skin. Try not to put your face into the water else wear a good quality eye protection and do so. Even slight water into your eye can burn your eye and make it red. The salt content is so high that it is unimaginable how painful it can be.
Now that we have almost covered a lot about the Dead Sea and I am sure you must be very curious to visit it. Well it is not a great idea to stay anywhere close to the sea as most of the places around the sea are not well maintained and quite shabby rather. Try to plan a day trip to the Dead Sea. You can easily get cabs who will take you to the spot. Spend few hours and leave with wonderful memories.
In some parts of the sea you can look at the sea bed that is about 1300 feet below the sea level. This so cause the water is crystal clear and pure. From a distance it looks like a glass spread on the ground surrounded with salt mountains. The colour of the sea water changes from electric blue to neon green. Especially when the sun light falls on its clear waters, this is due to the high content of minerals in this water. This is a must visit for any person who likes to travel the earth. I hope I answered the question on Can you swim in the Dead Sea?

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