Challenges Of Mariner’s Wife

Mariners spend a good number of days in the sea. Travelling from one country to the other, this makes their personal life suffer a lot. They might miss the wedding of a family member and even perhaps death of a close relative or a beautiful occasion like child birth.

The challenges of a mariner’s wife range from loneliness, to infidelity to even fear of accidental death. The list is huge. Perhaps a strong woman can only take the life of a mariner’s wife.

Next time you think of the men who spend a major part of their life in the sea. Just imagine the kind of sacrifices the wife must have made along with him. The mariner’s wife have to run the house, manage the kids, pay the bills, maintain the house and take care of finances all on her own. Some of them even leave their careers as it is impossible to do all this at the same time. This makes divorce also very common in a mariners’ life as very few women can take to challenges of a mariner’s wife.

However, there also stories of successful marriages and happy families but the credit should go mostly to the woman. As they show great character and send their husband’s to the sea knowing very well that they might not return all the time.

I hope now you know and understand the challenges of a mariner’s wife more and you will feel more compassion towards the life she leads. In case you are planning to marry a mariner this article is a must for you.

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