Coast Guard Motto

coast guard motto

coast guard motto

The United States coast guard motto is actually in Latin “semper paratus” meaning always prepared, the relation of how the motto first got adopted is unclear but the meaning to the Latin word meaning always prepared suited the coast guard motto well since the coast guard must be prepared to deal with any situation at any time just n the same way many would associate the New York fire department.

Each different coast guard motto may vary from the next but all have the same distinct meaning behind them. Preparedness and the willingness to sacrifice one’s life to save another is what make the each coast guard motto bears a significant meaning.

Mottos play a major part in any institution of place

coast guard motto

coast guard motto

that people gather and work with the same objectives and aims. Mottos help unify the participants making than one and clearly stating their role and expectations from them. Schools, the police, any, navy and business among many other organized populations working with the same objectives follow a motto that is strictly imbedded in each participants logic.

In the Second World War the Japanese had a motto “harakiri” the highest form of sacrifice were a fighter would sacrifice his life before he was taken prisoner by the enemy. It was also a motto that they followed to maintain discipline and concentration towards the objective of the plane or project. Japans ships and submarine would smash in to other ships if they ran out of ammunition rather than turn back or run.

The coast guard motto is also made to encourage the coast guard and maintain discipline among the member but does not venture in to violence and keeling but rather to peace and saving lives. The coast guard will really attack on a vessel or person since they were primarily began to maintain safety on the coasts of countries but today they carry with them powerful arms, this are not carried for attack but just defense and incase a suspect id perused on the coast line they are given ample warning before warning shots are made followed by shots that immobilize the water craft and if nothing stops the suspects even after this than the suspects are immobilized careful not to kill but just injure and stop them.

The approach is always peaceful but due to the recent influx of terrorism the coast guard has had to carry heavy weapons to safe guard the security of the civilians, the nation and themselves when patrolling the offshore borders lines. The coast guard motto remains well preserved by both the coast guard itself and the community since the officers that work as coast guard personnel sacrifice their time and sometimes lives to maintain security on our sea boarders.

Prevention of illegal substances and good for entering the country is only practically practiced if the coast guard patrol the water since planes and helicopter may only spot the craft but not actually be effective to subduing it, for this reason the coast guard motto meaning always prepared would and is the best praise that could describe the attention a coast guard would require to succeed and be honored as successful.

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