Coast Guard Tattoos

Portraying superiority coast guard tattoos have been adopted by many service personnel for different reasons. The tattoo is a symbol that has been adopted by the military or people who are posted in isolated places that have limited moving space thus creating the ideal situation for artists to perform these beautiful and sometimes unique pieces of art on human skin.


coast guard tattoos

coast guard tattoos

The reason military personnel and isolated individuals choose to make tattoos on the skin is actually quite simple when looked at from the physiological point of view. Coast guard tattoos or any other tattoos that are made on people of military personnel are meant to give the appearance of superiority or dominance over the common person. Since it means dealing with a great deal of pain when you get tattooed, this automatically determined to people that the person can endure lots of pain meaning he is strong, resilient and capable of withstanding difficulties that may face him both peaceful or hostile.


This is the immediate impression the a person gets

coast guard tattoo

coast guard tattoo

on seeing a tattoo on a person, another effective tool the early coast guard tattoo makers discovered was that by making fearless animal tattoos of the person the tattoos actually had more impart on people that saw it, and this sparked the military forces to getting big tattoos on the shoulders and arms that depicted fearless animals and birds. This has grown in to a tradition that is carried out even today on board many coast guard vessels or military bases.


Tattooing has even been adopted by man civilians who make tattoos at tattoos shop easily available in the markets today exposing ordinary people who want to make the beautiful color stains patterns on their skin. There are easy to make but sadly they carry long term defect that are harder to remove or get rid of. Tattoos are made by injecting coloring of pigmentation under the skin leaving a permanent mark the does not come off throughout one’s life. to be able to remove this coloration one needs to undergo many treatment seasons lasting up to six months in order to get them off, some time leaving major scares on the skin or nor coming off the skin at all.



normal tattoos

Before one makes a decision to make a tattoo on his/her skin they should think the decision over very well and consult professional concerning the repercussion to avoid falling in to a situation that one may regret or want to reverse later but face many complication. It would not be fare to criticize people who were tattoos or those who wish to were them but one thing should be clear! The purpose one is wearing these tattoos. Military personnel have good reason to get tattooed but may civilians get tattooed sporadically as a craze but later want them off creating many complicating for the individual. One should always remember that tattoos are made to stay and they are not easily removed.


Coast guard tattoos will remain as a recognized symbol for the coast guard and military personnel as a whole since they have carried this tradition for decade and they are exceptional people who put their live on the line to make sure we are safe.

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