Day Of The Seafarer 2013

As we approach the “Day of The Seafarer” once again, I am reminded of all the excitement we had in our team during the Seafarers Day 2012 when we collaborated with Karine Langlois to contribute our 2 cents to the massive online campaign that the IMO has luanched since it first came up with the idea of celebrating this day in the year 2011.

It seems that time just flies and we are now into the next year so soon, and though I will not repeat as to why should be celebrate the Seafarers Day which you can go through in our previous article, it still seems we are a long way from achieving what needs to be done in order to spread awarness about this day in particular and the seafarers in general.

Sea trade has been carried out in the world since times immemorial and the sea has been a medium for adventure, fun and learning and whether it was Christopher Colombus who discovered new lands or the British traders looking for new markets, or it were the legal authorities looking for far off lands to dump criminals, the sea always had its role to play.

The history of maritime cannot be complete without the mention of piracy which is a dreaded yet interesting concept with many movies made on it and infact some of the characters being infamous through movies. Of course in the real world, piracy is certainly a menace and a threat which needs to be removed at all costs to provide safety and security to our sailors who already have enough challenges to face at sea, than to confront armed thugs looking for easy money.

Karine Langlois

Karine Langlois

As Karine herself mentions, that even though seafarers perform some of the toughest jobs in the world in the most hostile of environments, they are considered or rather were considered technically challenged especially when it comes to the latest buzzwords of social media presence and use of this gripping phenomenon as compared to their counterparts on land.

Hence the International Maritime Organization has left no tables unturned to bring the awareness and presence of social media at par with that on land and the professionals working at shore.

We are Marine Knowledge website, try to cater to the marine community by providing a platform where they can get the latest info about different aspects of marine, have a forum to discuss different issues, and most importantly a fully integrated marine job portal where we post the latest requirements from different countries and companies.

It is not that the job at sea is all roses for a mariner but they have to undergo various challenges and though piracy has been mentioned as one of these challenges already, there are many more issues like environmental constraints, the absence of proper care in some cases and also exploitation of seafarers by companies in some cases.

On 25th June our main endeavour should be to promote and spread the message of marine community and to everyone and anyone, and to realize the importance of the fact that like astronauts, the seamen are no less adventerous with they tiny water craft all alone in the vast and huge oceans, just having the company of few other fellow human beings in their challenging jobs.

We just hope that the marine community thrives and surives and reaches new heights each day and continue to play the vital role it has in sustaining world trade.

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