Deep Ocean Engineering

Deep Ocean Engineering

Deep Ocean Engineering

Almost seventy percent of earth is water we all are aware of that. A major part of this water is oceans that are thousand feet deep. There is a different world that exists in these oceans. These are interesting to know and explore. Apart from marine life the study of oceans help us to understand how life originally started as in the beginning all of earth was water. There are many volcanic movements and earthquakes that happen under the sea.

A research into all these can help us to understand various natural calamities and storms in the sea. The Tsunami that happened in 2004 was also a result of movements under the sea. Another important reason to study the ocean is that they are very rich in minerals and resources. There are many off shore gas platforms in the oceans. They help in attaining the most important resource of all and that is petroleum. When there is a ship wreck these under water machines actually help us to understand what exactly happened and how they can be avoided.

It is definitely important to study the oceans. We have proved that well by now. However, the oceans are unpredictable and they are hazardous. There are many areas under the ocean that man cannot go or perhaps should not go. This is exactly why robots and machines are being designed that can go into the depths of the oceans and find out all the information that the scientists might need. Making these robots and machines that can operate in water has given way to a whole new branch of engineering that is called the Deep Ocean Engineering. The field is new but it has made tremendous progress and it is growing very fast.

Lots of colleges across the world are training students on the subject of Deep Ocean Engineering. The subject basically studies the underwater environment and designs equipment’s and machines that can go into the sea and explore the same. There are many companies in the world that specializes in Deep Ocean engineering and making these products. They hire people who can design under water devices and pay them good money. The technology is new so it is expensive. However, when there will be more research and development we can expect to see some technology that will be economical and efficient too.

A lot of money is spent by all the nations of the world in studying the deep oceans. They want the best of technology to explore the unknown. This is bringing in a lot of fund into the field of deep ocean engineering. If any students want to persue a career in deep ocean engineering then they must do so. This is the subject of the future. The competition among the deep ocean engineering is quite high as all of them are trying to make the best machines possible.

The challenger deep that is about thirty five thousand feet deep at some parts has high pressure areas and even the gravitational pull at some parts are very low. It was explored only in 1960 when the first man made vessel was sent into the marina trench. It was a decade after the moon exploration that we could finally explore the deepest point on earth. After that a lot of expeditions were sent into the deepest parts of earth. However, needless to say there is definitely a huge scope of research that can be done in the field of deep ocean engineering. The more research is done on these the better machines and robots can be made. Perhaps someday the technology would become so economical that even common men will be able to take a journey to the centre of the earth. This would be only possible due to advancements in deep ocean engineering.

The various machines and technology that can be used or rather that are being explored in deep ocean engineering are underwater cameras, under water drilling machines, underwater submarines, robots that can operate under water, etc. The list goes on and on. The amount of research that is happening in this field is no less than the outer space explorations.

This is a brief article on what Deep ocean engineering actually is and how it is done. The various benefits of it, the challenges of it, and the future prospect are all covered. I hope this will give you a better idea in understanding the concept of Deep Ocean Engineering.

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