Difference Between Astronauts & Seafarers

It is interesting to compare two extreme professions. We will now in this article compare the astronauts and the seafarers. We will discuss the difference between astronauts and seafarers. It is true that both the professions are amazingly different. However, there is a certain amount of similarities too.





Let us start with the meaning of astronauts and seafarers. Astronauts are people who go to the outer space in spaceships. They explore the universe out there. They try to look out for life in the other planets.

They also try to find out if human beings can live beyond the earth. On the other hand the seafarers explore the sea. They travel in ships and help in international trade, security of sea waters and even research. Both the astronauts and seafarers are professionally qualified. Both the jobs require certain skills that can be acquired from training. On the other hand both the jobs of the astronauts and seafarers also need the ability to take risks.

Now that you have a rough idea about the jobs of the astronauts and seafarers we will move on to the few similarities of the jobs:

1. Both the jobs of the astronauts and seafarers involve risk of life to a certain extent at least, even with versatile safety equipment and life saving technologies available.
2. Both the jobs of the astronauts and seafarers are among the most highly paid jobs
3. Both the astronauts and seafarers have an element of patriotism. They both serve their countries in some form or the other.
4. Astronauts and seafarers need to be professionally trained. However, in both the jobs the on the job training play a vital role.
5. The last similarity about the astronauts and seafarers is the fact that in both the jobs the individuals have to spend a lot of time away from the family.

We are almost done with the similarities. We will now discuss the difference between astronauts and seafarers.

1. The first difference is the fact that astronauts travel to the deep outer space. The seafarers on the other hand travel into the deep sea.
2. If the space craft fails then the chances of survival for the astronauts is almost nil. On the other hand when a ship meets with an accident there are chances of getting some rescue on time.
3. The astronauts are taxed as normal citizen of the country. The seafarers spend most of the time on the sea as a result they are exempted from tax.
4. The spaceships are very expensive and technically very complicated. The normal ships are not so expensive and technically complex. The spaceships generally carry a handful of astronauts. The ships on the other hand are designed to carry a number of seafarers. They can also carry a lot of cargo and even transport people. This is not possible with the spaceships.
5. The seafarers follow regulations that are set by the IMO. IMO is the international maritime organization. The astronauts on the other hand follow the regulations that are set by the national authority of the country. There is no international body that regulates the working of the astronauts.
6. The astronauts don’t have a uniform as such. They are required to wear a special dress that they need to survive in the outer space. The seafarers mostly have an uniform that they regularly wear.
7. There are many private shipping companies in the world that the seafarers work for. When we talk about the space research the matter is a little different. Space research is highly complex and it is specific to the country. As a result the space research is conducted only by the government bodies. The astronauts are under control of the government of the country.
8. The space research is considered highly confidential and no astronauts are allowed to talk about their profession openly. The restrictions on the seafarers are much lesser. Until and unless the seafarer is a part of the navy. Navy is a part of a nation’s security force as a result they too have confidential information.
9. The number of astronauts across the world is much lesser compared to the number of seafarers. This is mainly because there are more of ships that travel on the sea and less of spaceships that go to the outer space.
10. There are propositions of replacing the spaceships with robots. In some countries this is already implemented. This is mainly because of the fact that the spaceships have high risk of life lost. There is not much technology available to replace the seafarers in a ship. This is because the risk of life in ships is less.

We hope that we were able to explain to you the difference between astronauts and seafarers. We hope that you found the comparisons interesting and also informative. The professions are different but they have some elements that make them similar too.

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