Different Types of Cargoes on a Ship

    Different Types of Cargoes on a Ship

Cargoes are goods transported on different carriers/vehicles/means of transport from one place to another for economic reasons. Generally cargo is used for goods transported through air or water. There are different types of cargoes that can be transported through ship for commercial purposes. The cargo’s transported by ship are handled at seaport terminals. Some of these goods are discussed below:

Heavy Equipments and Machinery: This includes industrial as well as household machinery, automobiles, technical machinery, engineering machinery, auxiliary machinery; etc. They are packed either on wooden crates or in heavy steel/iron containers according to their handling instructions.

Dangerous or Hazardous Cargo: They consist of hazardous materials like chemicals, oil, petrol, and diesel, asbestos which are harmful for human contact. Very careful handling is a must to avoid accidents and loss to human life.

Inflammable or Combustible Cargo: They include goods like oil seeds, oil, diesel, cotton, jute which are susceptible to catch fire easily even from a single flame. They can ignite spontaneously and hence must be handled with double extra care to avoid loss of material and men.

Concentrates/Ores: This type of cargo is of high density and may emit toxic fumes and can deplete oxygen inside the tank. They are usually present in huge quantities and must be prevented from moisture.

Bulk Cargo: They generally include goods like scrap metal, alumina, grains, wood chips, gypsum, logs, salt. They are generally large in quantities and need special handling care.

Food Products: They include frozen meat, sea food, frozen fruits and vegetables, canned and tinned food items, syrups, jams, pickles, jellies and fresh food products, grains etc. Temperature and moisture level to be regulated as per requirements and proper storage as well to minimize loss.

Military Equipments and Project Cargo like Windmills, Generators, Air conditioners:They are usually too large to fit into any containers.

Leather Hides: usually such types of cargo produce strong malodors and hence have to be kept in isolation especially when hides are soaked in salt.

Fragile Items: They include items like glassware, china wear, clay items and small machinery and tools which need to be loaded, transported and unloaded with extra care. They must be packed too with extra care.

Container Ships are used for transporting various types of ships. Emma Maersk is a container ship that is considered a marvel of modern technology. It’s size and the engine are responsible for the ship enjoying this position. It is the world’s largest container ship the same is propelled by the largest diesel engine. During the final phase of construction a fire broke in the ship. The magnitude of the ship was phenomenal and the same was visible for miles at a stretch. The ship escaped total destruction and the repair work was also done in phenomenal time.

Image Credits: http://gcaptain.com/maritime/blog/emma-maersk-from-shipyard-fire-to-world-records?38

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