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We know there are many marine engineering colleges in India. Some of them are very popular and prominent. One name that tops the list is DMET Kolkata. It is one of the first marine schools that were ever established. It has a terrific track record. It is also called DMET Calcutta. We are now going to discuss the same in more details. If you wanted to know all about DMET Kolkata then you have clicked on the right link.
The full form of DMET is Directorate of Marine Engineering Training. It is located in Alipore district of Kolkata. It was started way back in 1953. It was started by then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Lal Bahadur Shastri who was the transport minister that time. The course was always a combination of theory and practical classes. It is one of the most reputed institutes in the country. Getting admission in it is a matter of pride indeed. Initially anyone could get admission in the college. Looking at the high demand for the course and to ensure that the best students only come to the college in 1962 an all India entrance exam was launched for students to get an admission into this college. If they cleared this exam only then they could get admission to this prestigious institute.
In the year 1981 the DMET Kolkata students were recognised by the institute of Engineers (India). This made them equal to a class one engineer or a chartered engineer. The degree is recognised by the government of India. It is a four year course. The institute celebrated diamond Jubilee in the year 2010. On this day it started one more course that is namely DNS (diploma in nautical science). This was soon after its affiliation with IMU.
The college has its annual fest in November that is called Tempest. It also arranges for an all India sports fest called Chkravyu this too started from 2010. The students who want to join this college must first prepare for the most dreaded entrance exam IIT-JEE. In case you are interested join a coaching class soon so that you can prepare yourself for the next round of entrance exams that will be held. You have to apply to IMU simultaneously so that they call you for an interview and counselling. The counselling is completed every year by the last week of July or first week of August. The application to IMU is available every March. One must be unmarried, maximum twenty years of age and an Indian citizen to get admission. There is a certain number of seats that is reserved for the SC and ST (schedule cast and schedule tribes). A selected number of foreign nationals can also apply for the course. The institute has a certain number of seats reserved for foreign nationals.
It is now known as Marine Engineering and Research Institute (MERI) Kolkata. The course is a world class one and one you have cleared this you can apply in any shipping company all across the world. Every year a selected few students are enrolled into the course. The number is perhaps a little more than hundred I hope you now understand how difficult it is to get into this course. The last one year of the course is dedicated to classroom training.
You can visit the official site of the institute for more information. It promises one hundred percent placement to the students. The four year course costs about fifty thousand INR a semester. This is including the hostel charges. The institute has an interesting fee structure for girls. They get up to fifty percent remission on the tuition fees. This is done so that women candidates take more interest in the subject. For foreign nationals the fees is almost eight thousand dollars a year. There are scholarship programs too for the bright students.
The campus has many facilities like swimming pool, tennis court, and facilities for field games like cricket, basketball and volleyball. There is a fully equipped gym in the campus. If you enjoy indoor games like chess, carom, table tennis, dart, etc you will be surprised at the facilities that are provided for these games in the campus itself. Any type of sports is encouraged in the campus. No wonder the students of the college always fare so well in all the sports meets. The institute has many prestigious prizes that it gives to the best students ever year. This is why they encourage all the students to participate in these courses. There is very good boarding facility in the college for the students. The accommodation is spacious and the environment is friendly. The best students of the college are given the responsibility to maintain the campus. The girls are given a separate hostel. There is a twenty four hour medical facility in the hostel itself. This gives the students a safe and secure atmosphere to study.
The college has a very strong academic faculty. Shri M. K Ghosh is the director of the institute and the remaining faculty are also well experienced in teaching. They make the classes interesting and fun for the students. The teacher student relationship is friendly as well as there is a sense of discipline in the college.
If you find this information of interest and you want to apply to the course then all that you need to do is collect the forms from IIT and submit the same along with the designated fees to the neatest syndicate bank. You also have to apply to IIMS Mumbai you can do so by sending them a demand draft. You also need to send a self addressed and stamped envelope with a fifty five rupee stamp on it. Just keep checking the sites of IIT and IIMS to know when exactly they are starting the process to issue applications.
Well it was always regarded as one of the best. However, due to lack of funds from the government the institute find it difficult to maintain the basic infrastructure and technology. Better pay at the sea attracts the students to shipping line jobs as a result there are very few good faculty available in the campus. Nevertheless, the course still remains to be one of the most popular and very well accepted one all across the world. You will find at least some graduates from DMET in the top shipping companies of the world. I hope we have clarified all your probable doubts on DMET Kolkata. It is undoubtedly one of the best colleges in India to study marine engineering. This can be your first step to a successful marine engineer.

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