Effects of Sea Wall on Shore Lines

The beauty of the sea shore with the waves smothering on the beach, make each human-being exited and grateful. The prospect to visiting an ocean or sea shore “at least once” in a person’s life is a dream that all people share, yet today the effects of sea wall on shore lines are destroying the beauty and natural look associated to shorelines.

Effects of Sea Wall on Shore Lines

sea wall encrochment

The encroachment began during the industrial revolution when sea ports began expanding and peoples began gathering in large amounts around these ports. Naturally recreational facilities began around the shoreline as people come to enjoy the shore on weekends and holidays, leading to construction of permanent structures on shorelines. As people settled around the shore line’s some negatives aspects like the danger of occasional flooding become a concern that needed to be dealt with.

People in these shore settlements first suffered losses as the repercussions of power full offshore storms and systems sent occasional flooding waves on to the beaches. Not only were the shore dwellers affected but all businesses based around the shorelines. As time passed the engineers of the time come up with a solution that is still in use today “the sea wall”.

After suffering a major financial loss after an unpredictable wave has washed all to assets away leaves you with no choice but to protect yourself the next time you attempt to rebuild your business. At that time beauty is the last thing that comes across a person’s mind and as time goes by more people build a barrier between their property and the waves.

Encroachment on to the sea shore has also meant that the builder must protect himself from not only the rough waves but also the daily high tide. The developers have constructed up to the high tide wave line risking a big wave washing them to sea.

Recent tsunamis that killed millions of people around the world are what have opened developer eyes. Since they have shown that even the highest sea walls may be breeched and flooded. This has made people planning to live on the beach think twice and reduced the pressure on effects of sea wall on shore lines.

Today sea walls have destroyed the natural look of

Effects of Sea Wall on Shore Lines

natural sea shore

many popular shores around the world with the intent to protect the property and lives behind the wall without thinking about the effects it has on the Arial view of the shore. The solution to solving this pressing issue is to distance living quarters from shore line’s since research has shown that most death related to sore wave flooding occur at night while people sleep and are not prepared for a sudden flood.

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