How Is A Ship Launched In Water?

When we discuss all about ships in our articles how we can leave the part on how is ship launched in water. The technology and methods used to do this has evolved over the years. We hope you will find this article informative and interesting at the same time.
Ships have been constructed for years for various purposes. The ship is constructed on a dry area and is later made to slide into the waters. This is the final stage in the construction of the ship. Generally an auspicious day and time is selected to launch the ship.

3 Methods of Ship Launching

1. This sliding of the ships into the water is called ship launching. This method of launching the ship is called the end-on launch. It is the oldest and still continues to be the most widely used method to launch a ship.

Ship Launch Party

Ship Launch Party

2. The slip way is another method that is used to launch a ship. As the name suggests in this method the ship is slipped into the water. It was used in the nineteenth century. The method was mostly used in inland waters and rivers.

3. The third method of launching a ship is called float on. In this method the dock where the ship is constructed is flooded with water. As a result the ship starts to float and then move into the water.

All these three methods are still used all over the world to ensure that the ships are launched in a grand manner. The use of the method depends on the size of the ship and other factors.

Celebrations & Congratulations

The day when the ship is officially launched is a day of celebration. Champagne bottles are broken. Champagne bottles are thrown at the hull of the ship and broken to launch the ship. The crew and the team that spent months on making the ship have a party. They also Pray to the Lord that the ship they have built remains protected from all perils. The idea of Praying to the Gods has been associated with the launch of ships for years. In ancient Egypt and Rome the ship owners would pray to the God so that the ship is protected. Wine was drunk to please the Gods. They just wanted to ensure that the Gods bless the ship too.

Lord Neptune

The Lord Neptune was worshiped. Neptune was the lord of the sea. He was pleased so that the ships are protected from hazards at the sea. In some countries priests were called to bless the ship. Holy water is sprinkled around the ship. In some Muslim countries sacrifices are made to please the Lord. The Hindus would also Pray to the Gods. They would arrange for a havan to ensure that the ship is protected from all evil forces. Instead of breaking Champagne bottles in India even today coconut is broken to ensure that the ship has a smooth sail.

As time moved on the launch of a ship also changed. Today most of the ships follow the same trends. However, apart from these customs parties are thrown. Press conference is held. These are done mostly for commercial ships. The commercial ships need to be advertised this is why the media is called. As soon as a ship is launched the news spreads all across the world. Most of the magazines and television channels discuss about the ship. The bigger the ship the more grand the launch is. The shipping companies also want to prove how they are superior from their competitors.

Celebrities and other famous personalities are invited to launch the ship. The picture of the ship is flashed all across the magazines and newspapers. The shipping companies throw huge launch parties. They invite people from all across the world. Food and alcohol is served to the guests. Sometimes entertainment programs are also a part of the celebration. The reviews about the ship are published. This ensures that people interested in sailing can contact the shipping company.

It takes months/years to make a ship. This is exactly why the launch of a ship is so grand. When it comes to naval ships the celebrations are grand too. Well they don’t inform the media and the press. They celebrate within themselves. Pujas and other prayers are done as per the religious beliefs. Everyone wants that the ship should sail for a long time. There should be no harm caused to it by any force of nature or from any manmade perils.

We hope you have got a brief idea of how is ship launched in water. The process followed in most of the countries is different. We have tried to cover most of the countries and the customs they follow. The method maybe different but all the countries wish that the ships should be safe.

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