How Much Does a Ship Cost?

We all have seen huge ships on the sea. Some of us have also take vacations on a cruise. However, have you ever wondered as to what might be the cost of a ship? Interesting isn’t it to know what would be the price of a ship. That’s exactly what we are going to discuss now. There are many types of ships all across the world. Like cargo ships, passenger ships, huge container ships, oil tankers, etc. Depending on the specialties and features the prices of ships also vary.

A passenger ship can cost up to one and a half billion. The most expensive passenger ship is the oasis of the seas. The price of a passenger ship depends completely on its size. This also determines how much people it can carry at a given time.

The Titanic was considered to be one of the most expensive ships of its times, it was priced at a whopping seven and a half million dollars in 1912. That was huge money back then. It was said that it could never sink, this feature made it even more expensive. Today we have many more expensive and sophisticated ships in all categories. With the amount of investments pouring in the prices are only expected to increase in the future. Cruise is becoming the most popular means of vacation across the world. The shipping companies are involving a lot of money in making the best cruise ships and the cruise crew is expected to double in the next few years.

The oil tankers and the cargo ships are also quite expensive as a lot goes into maintaining safety of these ships. A little less than passenger ships but they do cost a lot of money to the shipping companies, the cost of these too depend on the amount of cargo and gas they can carry at a given time? The cost varies from fifty million to one hundred and twenty million. Now days due to guidelines set by IMO a special attention is given to the safety of these ships and the standard of living that the person on the ship will have.
Ship building is a very critical activity and requires a lot of time and expertise. These are many famous ship building companies across the world that has been doing this for years. The work is done by skilled engineers starting from making the blue print to the actual ship being built. Some names are Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering in South Korea, Europe has the largest numbers of ship building companies in the world. In United Kingdom it is nationalized as British Shipbuilders Corporation. The list is huge as each country has one of their own.

This is all that we could share about how much does a ship cost? We hope this gave you a vague idea about the costs and from where these ships can be bought. This price is a very important reason why cruises are so expensive and also transportation by sea. The prices are expected to only increase as these ships will need to be more sophisticated and well equipped in the future to meet the challenges of the sea.

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