Interesting Marine Technology: Ocean Upwelling System

With the advancements in science, even the marine technology has seen a lot of improvements. We will now discuss the ocean unwilling system in detail. This is one of the latest new technologies that are used in the marine world. We all know that the environment is suffering due to global warming.

Global Warming

Today the world has realized that how important it actually is to protect the world. Across the world new steps are taken to ensure that the world becomes a safer place to stay. One such step is ocean up-welling system. It is an interesting technology that has changed the way we look at the world of marine science.


The idea of the ocean upwelling system is simple but very effective and it is also called the ocean tube technology. It is being developed by a company named Atomocean. The company is proud of its achievement and they have also patented this idea. Atomocean has successfully implemented this idea in many parts of the world.

They are expecting that in the near future this technology of ocean tubes will gain a lot of popularity. This will increase the demand of this technology worldwide. With the patent the Atomocean will ensure that this technology belongs to them exclusively. This is good for the profitability of the company. The engineers and scientists in Atomocean have indeed made a remarkable contribution to this technology. The patent is still pending. The discussion is on if the patent should be given or not.

The Ocean Upwelling System is a technique that basically ensures that the upper surface of the ocean remains cool. This will ensure that the oceans natural ability to absorb the carbon dioxide increases. It is a wave driven Ocean Upwelling System that makes it even more effective. This technique of ocean tubes can be used all across the globe.

The advantages of this unique technology are many. To name a few are global warming. This we have already discussed before. The other major advantages of using Ocean Upwelling System are that it will reduce significant amount of carbon dioxide from the sea water, it will reduce the intensity of the hurricane in the deep oceans, this will help to revive the ocean fisheries as the number of fish will increase considerably, another major concern in reduction in coral reefs using this technology even this problem can be solved. The coral reef bleaching has been a major concern too. This too can be handled by Ocean Upwelling System. The advantages are indeed many. Especially for the marine life that has been badly hit by the pollution. The living corals and the deep sea life will be saved if the technique of ocean tube is implemented.

Upwelling is a process that naturally happens. When the sun light falls on the surface of the sea, the sunlight is absorbed by it as a result the temperature of the sea increases. The toxics and the harmful substances are transported to the surface of the sea. However, with the increase in carbon dioxide on the surface of the sea the harmful gases are getting trapped in the ocean. As a result the marine life is reducing and the temperature of the sea all across is increasing.

What Actually Is OUS?

We will now discuss in details the ocean upwelling system. About twenty nine percent of the oceans impurities can be removed using this technology. The Ocean Upwelling System will use pumps to remove the impurities from the sea and bring it on to the surface of the sea. There will be a collection tub on top that will collect the impurities and leave it back to the atmosphere. This will ensure that the ocean waters remain clean and healthy. The technique is simple to look at but there are many complexities in it that need great technical knowledge.

A dedicated team at Atomocean has developed this concept over years. The ocean tubes will be flexible. This will ensure that they can be installed and removed easily. They are black in colour. The pumps inside the tubes will be ocean driven. This will make the process smooth and natural. The tubes will afloat with the help of buoys. These will ensure that the ocean tubes stay in the respective location. The overall attempt at Atomocean is to make a system that is natural and does not use any heavy mechanism.

I hope you have by now understood the concept of Ocean Upwelling System. This is indeed a useful technology to tackle the problem of oceanic carbon dioxide. The scientists in Atomocean belive that this technology will reduce the impact of hurricanes, this will reduce the loss of life and money to a great extent.

The Ocean Upwelling System has been tested in some parts of the world. It has shown good results. The patent is still pending. Once the patent is issued the Atomocean will take to produce the Ocean Upwelling System in large scale. This can be used in many parts of the world for a better and healthy marine life. It will definitely play a vital role in the future of the marine technology.

We can just hope that the Ocean Upwelling System will be launched soon and as a result the oceans of the world can be saved. This may be just the beginning. With time maybe more improvement can be done to the Ocean Upwelling System and making it more effective. This will definitely ensure that the oceans are safe.

The effects of global warming on the sea can be made minimal. The concept of Ocean Upwelling System is becoming a very popular concept in interesting marine technology even before it has been actually launched. Some are sceptical about the concept because the cost of implementing the ocean tubes is expected to be quite high. However, the Atomocean team assures that when the production will be on a large scale the cost of the production may reduce too.

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