Islands and Ports of Oceania

Islands and Ports of Oceania

Island Ports

We will in this article discuss about islands and ports of Oceania. It is famous for tourism, sports and natural beauty. The economy of Oceania is not developed in a uniform manner. It has about twenty five dependencies and fourteen countries. Most of the islands here depend on Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii for food, health related aids and other needs. Sea transport is widely used in these parts of the world. Every island and country has at least one port. This is very essential for the transports. Tourism in these areas is a very lucrative business option. The ports are used for tourism too.

The port headland port in west Australia is the first port that we are going to discuss in today’s topic. It is the largest in terms of tonnage in the country. It deals with iron ore transportation from Australia. It has a record of trading about one hundred million tons in a year. The port has also installed the best ways to track the cyclones and forecast the environment. The next in the list of about islands and ports of Oceania is the port of Brisbane. It is the largest cargo port. The port is like an interface between sea, rail and road transport. This port is at maritime security level of one. It is also ISO certified this is what makes it one of the safest ports on earth. They also have installed an environment management system that checks how the environment is doing in the surrounding areas.

The port of Melbourne is also a very safe port and good safety standards are maintained here. It is too one of the best ports in the islands and ports of Oceania. It controls almost thirty seven per cent of the cargo trade in Australia. Cruise shipping is another very important feature of this port. This is why it is home to many cruise ships. The port of Grey mouth is the next port in the list that we are going to discuss now. It is also called as the port of first arrival. It was originally used as a port for coal, and then it became popular for timber. Just some time back natural gas was discovered in these areas. As a result they are now used to export gas only and have become very popular for the same. The new business is getting them good amount of money as a result the port is developing fast. It also has a museum that shows a good deal into the history of this place.

The Kaipara is the next that we are going to now discuss in this list. This harbour occupies about four hundred miles. This makes it the biggest harbour in the world. It has a lot of storms happening there and as a result many ships have sunk there. This is why it is called the graveyard too. These ports play a very important role in the development and functioning of these areas.

Moving forward in the list of the about islands and ports of Oceania is the port of Suva. It is located in the Suva city on the Fiji islands. It is the commercial centre for the country. It handles a lot of cargo ships. It has many ship yards and container yards. It is perhaps not possible to imagine trade in these parts of the world without this port. The port of Saipan is also an important port that is located in this region. It is located in the Northern Mariana Islands. What makes this port unique is that it has an underground sewage disposal system. It has a good capacity to hold containers. It has a special sunset cruise that attracts a lot of tourists. The tourist presence in this area makes this port very significant.

The next in the list that we are going to discuss in the list of the islands and ports of Oceania is the port of Apia. This port is important as it provides as gateway to the Samoa islands. The Samoa port authority takes care of this port. This port handles about ninety seven per cent of the total cargo that is arriving in this country. The best feature of this port is its one hundred and eighty five meter long berth and floating fleet development. These make it one of the most unique ports in the region. This has a great contribution to the trade and commerce of this area. The port of Madang is another very important port in this region. It is located in Papua New Guinea and it is the connection between Asia and Australia. It has a barge ramp of seventy meters. It has the permission to load up to 2.44 tonnes per square meter. This is quite a vital port for the country.

The last but not the least port that we are going to discuss is the port of Dili. This is the last in the list of the Islands and Ports of Oceania that we are discussing today. There are many more ports that exist in this region but we cannot discuss all of them. We have picked up the top few that we thought must be discussed. This is the main port for all commercial activities. It is also a vital port in the East Timor Island. It connects the island to other island in this region. This is exactly what makes it so very important. It also is a connecting link between the sea and the air transportation on this island. It is important for both commercial and tourism purpose.

These are some of the major islands and ports of Oceania. I hope this will help you to understand the region and its operations better. These ports form a very vital part of the trade and the tourism that happens in this part of the world. Without these well-equipped ports the business here would not have been what it is like today.

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