Israeli Shipping Companies

Israel is a nation that has seen nothing less that hostility from neighboring countries as well as far of nations that have been constantly attacking it for the past few decades this hostile relation with nations surrounding Israel has prompted the nation’s people, companies, and Israeli shipping companies to prepare them for the worse case scenario at any time.

With each Israeli civilian man or woman expected to serve in their nation armed troops while homes and schools fortified against attacks from the outside the shipping industry was also not left behind due to the vulnerability in the open seas.

Although the situation is less tense than it used to be , at one time Israeli shipping companies had armed ships to protect themselves while in the Mediterranean sea due to fear of being attacked due to the Israel Palestine conflict.

Recent years have seen the Israeli coast guard got more sophisticated vessels which are stationed around the Mediterranean sea near the countries sea boarders to deter any would be trouble makers from attacking the ships.

Modern technology has also improved the chances of vessels being attacked and instead of carrying self defense arms Israeli shipping companies has in cooperated sophisticated instruments that assist detect any treat to the ship and deploy decoys to deter the attackers.

The past decade has seen immense improvement in the nation’s relation with its neighbor with negotiations improving security on the ground. Once outside the boulders any into the open sea the risks towards Israeli shipping companies vessels is greatly reduced since once in the open sea it is difficult to identify a vessel host nation unless you know the particular vessels.

Without considering the risk that is always present on Israeli vessels Israeli shipping companies vessels are run like many other international shipping companies with the same set of rules followed by other marine vessels. The companies provide the same service delivery as other companies would around the world.

But recent years have seen many companies purchasing and registering marine vessels in other nations so as to avoid terrorists that may attack the vessels for revenge. This technique has helped to confuse any attackers since they avoid just attacking any vessels that they are not sure to be Israeli.

Another tactic that has been used is to involve partners from other nations and put them at the for front or as spokes men for the company, even this does not mean the person representing the company is the actual owner this as helped avoid unwanted losses for the Israeli shipping companies.

Due to conflict and the fear of terrorist attacks of property many Israeli owned companies around the world have adapted this strategies since it is not just a matter if loosing property but there is a loss of life that comes with these attacks.

It also has long lasting effects of the Israeli community after words as noted on some luxury hotels around the world were terrorists attacked. The hotels remain virtually empty with tourists both local and international avoiding to venture their due to the fear of being attacked in a place owned by an Israeli.

Today many shipping companies have included Israel to their shipping routes but this is only honored during times of peace, when tension among the two nations or their neighbors raises the shipping companies abandon the route to avoid any losses that may incur due to attack on a vessel.

The future for these tense shipping routes remain unpredictable due to the reason these nations are not willing to resolve their differences and as long as the nations have not cleared their differences there may be no safe passage for Israeli shipping companies vessels in the near future.

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