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It has been centuries since man has been travelling by ships and the high seas have been the mode of transport for generations. In this article now we will discuss a very interesting aspect of ships. Since ages man has been travelling by ship there are many people across the world who is highly interested in the ships of yesterday years. We will now discuss about one of these ship register, namely the Lloyds Register of Shipping.

Ship Register Par Excellence

As the name Lloyds Register of Shipping itself suggests, this is a register that is maintained by the famous insurance company Lloyds. They have a database that is also available online. In this database there is a detailed account of all the ships that have ever been registered with the company. You can use the name of the ship, the year of construction, anything that you know of about the ship.

Using the information provided by you the Lloyds Register of Shipping will locate the particular ship in their register. They will give you all the information or any particular information that you are looking for. You can get any particular detail like how was the ship built. What was the price of building the ship? The country of origin of the ship and what was the reason for the destruction of the ship. Any information to do with the ship will be documented in the Lloyds Register of Shipping. There are records since 1790. This was when Lloyds originally started its operations.

Costs of Ship Register

The data is completely reliable and comes from the most trusted source. Every year Lloyds Register of Shipping receives a number of requests about data pertaining to old ships. The database operators search the database and provide the required information to the requestor. You will have to pay a certain amount of fees in order to get the data that you are looking for. The cost charges changes with the specialised information required. For example if you want to know the basic ship information like the year of building, etc. These will require eighteen pounds. In case the user is from overseas then a tax is not charged as a part from the fee mentioned. This is exactly why the cost of the service becomes fifteen pounds.

When the requestor wants to know the full ship history then the charges automatically increases. This will cost thirty pounds. Similarly if the request is from an overseas client then the price would be around twenty five pounds. The cost of the service will increase as per the size of the ships. The full yacht history is also very important information that is often requested for. In this case the requestor has to quote the price that he can offer. The Lloyds Register of Shipping will look at the rate quoted and then decide accordingly.

There are experts from all across the world who are constantly studying the history of the ships. The information that is gathered and provided by the Lloyds Register of Shipping is very useful to them. It also helps them a lot to understand the history of the ships. Sometimes the information needed might be more critical. For example a person wants the survey report of the ship. A survey report is prepared by the surveyor when the ship meets with an accident.

The survey report helps to understand the seriousness of the loss. Survey report can be provided only when it is available. The cost of getting a survey report would be around sixty pounds. It depends on the availability too. For an overseas request the same report would cost around fifty pounds.

Any data related to the historical research done on the ship would cost you a good amount. You will again have to send in the quote that you can offer for the service and the reason for the data required. These are the various data that is commonly requested for. Some of the users also want to get some particular document delivery regarding the ships. Lloyds Register of Shipping also does the document delivery as requested by the user.

They charge a copyright licence fee of nine pounds. The cost of the service is about seventeen pounds if the document requested is below twenty pages. If the document requested is more than twenty pages then the cost of copyright licence is twenty three pounds. The charges mentioned again changes for overseas user. The cost is fourteen pounds for up to twenty pages and nineteen pounds for reports that are over twenty pages.

Lloyds Register of Shipping also accepts credit cards. You can ask for more this information from the information centre. You can also send an email for the information that you are looking for. Lloyds Register of Shipping will inform you the fees that you will need to pay. You will also have to provide the information that you have with you like the name of the ship, etc.

The Lloyds Register of Shipping is a database that has a particular number for all the ships that were registered with them. With the details provided by you the Lloyds Register of Shipping will search the database for the information that you have requested. On receipt of the fees this information will be sent to your email id. If you require more information you can again take to the same process.

This is more or less all the information that we could find about the Lloyds Register of Shipping. We hope that you found this article informative. You can definitely feel free to contact the Lloyds Register of Shipping for any information about a ship that you are looking for and they will definitely look into it. The information can be relied on completely. If the Lloyds Register of Shipping does not have the information they will inform you accordingly. I hope the details will help your research.

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