The Mystery of Lochness Lake

A mystery is always fascinating to everyone. We all want to crack at least one mystery in our life time don’t we? Well we have always heard of different types of mysteries that rule the world. In this article today we are going to discuss about Lochness monster. I am sure you all must have heard about this mysterious creature. In case you have not then let me tell you a brief history about this.

Well the story is old; it is a beautiful lake in United Kingdom. On August 1933 a man named George Spicer claimed that he saw a dragon like creature in the lake. It had a long neck and was absolutely unfamiliar to the journalist and his wife. The story spread and it did spread fast. It also reached international press. This is not the first time it was seen. The creature finds a mention in books that are dated back to the sixth century. Later it was spotted in Ireland, Scotland and in England off course. The description of the creature remains the same- a dragon like creature.

Many people over the years have claimed that they have seen the monster. In 1934 a photograph was released by Dr. Wilson which was later proved to be a hoax. It did create a stir in the local newspapers. The photograph is popularly known as the surgeon’s photograph. In 1938 G.E Taylor did picture sixteen minute footage of this animal. It is so far considered the most positive evidence of all. There have been many claims and videos after this. However, most of them were proved to be either manipulated or figment of imagination.

The scientists have formed special scientific groups and have arranged expeditions from time to time to search for this strange creature. All technology known to man has been used so far but all have been in vain. Some very popular searches are Sir Edward Mountain Expedition in 1934, Andrew Carroll’s Sonar study in 1969, etc. The last study was of BBC done in 2003. About six hundred sonar beams and satellite tracking was used. The expedition failed to find any trace of this creature. Finally it was announced that if a search of this magnitude could not find the creature, then maybe it never ever existed. Lochness monster was declared a myth. Since then people have stopped investigating money in searching this monster.

However, the lakes of these areas are still popular tourist destination. Every year many tourists from across the world visit these areas to just get a glimpse of this creature and its famous habitat Lochness Lake. The mystery is still quite fascinating and keeps the monster alive in imagination.

These are the stories that have done rounds about this mysterious creature. A fascinating story indeed as scientifically speaking this creature has disappeared long back. Then what is it that people see. Is it just a story that people make or is it just a figment of imagination. Well perhaps only these lakes have the answers and some mysteries are better unsolved.

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