Gulf Of Aden: The Magnetic Anomaly

Magnetic Anomaly in the Gulf of Aden - Real or Not

The Gulf of Aden

There are many mysteries that exist on earth. Today we are going to discuss one such mystery that is the magnetic anomaly in the Gulf of Aden. It can be explained by science as to how it happened and why the properties are so different. Some say it is true and some beg to differ. We will try and understand now how far this concept is true. The first important thing is to understand what exactly the core of the earth is like.

Well the Earth’s core is a ball of iron that rotates and so the earth rotates along with it. Above this core there is a sea of melted iron that this ensures that the magnetic field of the earth is in place. This also keeps the two magnetic field of earth in place namely the North and the South Pole. We have known this theory for ages. This is exactly why the earth is functioning the way it is now and this is also the reason why in the future too it will continue to operate this way. The scientists say that the magnetic fields keep changing every year. The change is marginal. It does not mean that there is a danger to earth. It is just that they keep shifting from time to time. There may be a time when the north and the South Pole may change positions. This also ensures that the life on earth functions normally and everything is in place. If this magnetic field loses its strength them maybe world will not be the same anymore.

Now that we know how important the iron core of the earth and the magnetic fields are. Let us now move to the concept of oceanic ridges. It is an underwater system of chain of mountains and volcanoes that are formed due to shifts in the tectonic plates. It also at times represents an area where the plates move apart and as a result a new ocean crust is formed that is formed by the magma that emerges to the surface of the sea floor. This geographic phenomenon is also called sea floor spreading. Wherever there is a formation of ocean crust there the crust becomes magnetised in the direction of the earth’s magnetic field. Interesting indeed but it is true and this does happen. These become the main source of magnetic anomalies.

The crust after cooling starts to show magnetic abilities. The temperature where it happens is called the Curie point. This is the point in temperature where ferromagnetic materials become paramagnetic. A paramagnetic field can be magnetised even in the presence of an external field. The magnetic domains cannot be kept aligned as soon as the external field is removed. This is exactly why there is a random spin in the magnetic field immediately. Making it a curious act of nature indeed that leaves us fascinated. This leads to the formation of a sea floor that has tremendous magnetic pull. The same is what happened in the Gulf of Aden.

The Gulf of Aden as we know it is located in between the coast of Arabia and the horn of the African continent. The location is precisely at the opening of the Persian Gulf. The experts believe that as per the magnetic anomalies that is seen in this area the sea floor is likely to have had three phases of spreading. This is exactly why it has not been formed uniformly or continuously. Many years back a magnetized sea floor was recognised here. The reasons were unknown. However, with time the reason for this wired behaviour of the sea floor here was justified. The scientists have also found a presence of reverse magnetization here. It was suggested after observation of positive anomalies. This is also called the magnetic quite zone by many.

It Gulf of Aden is perhaps the only part on earth that exhibits these unique properties. There are flat magnetic fields in these areas. There are some places in the Gulf of Aden that have recorded magnetic anomalies of about several hundred gammas. This is a huge recording. One gamma is the measuring unit for magnetic anomalies. These readings are undoubtedly very high. Apart from the presence of this magnetic sea floor the region is also famous for it pirates. Many ships including war ships have been lost in this area. There is a strong presence of the internationally recognised terrorist group named Al- Qaeda in this area. These manmade and nature made factors combine and make the Gulf of Aden one of the most dangerous part of sea.

In the olden days many belived that there is an invisible star gate here that can take the people to some other world. However, today with all the scientific reasoning and readings that we have we can say for sure that this is just a hoax and these stories were definitely associated with the presence of the magnetic sea floor in the region of the Gulf of Aden. This is also a very important reason that this area has got so much of recognition in the world. This also attracts a lot of scientists and experts from the various corners of the world to understand the concept of how this sea floor was created and why it has these magnetic abilities that are not found in any other part of the world.

There are many people who want to visit the Gulf of Aden but due to the immense influence of the pirates and the influence of terrorist groups this is not possible yet. NATO (North Atlantic treaty organization) is planning to start an intense operation in this region so that it can be set free from the influence of pirates. This will also make the sea a safer place for all. They also suggested that an inter-dimensional portal should be set in this area in order to get this done. This was suggested in the year 2010. However, there has not been much progress on this yet.

I hope we have answered all your doubts about the magnetic anomaly in the Gulf of Aden. The details are all mentioned above. It is definitely a miracle of nature indeed that such a point exists on earth. I hope this will help you to understand the concept better. We hope that the region can soon be made safe by NATO (North Atlantic treaty organization) and more people can go to these areas in the years to come and see the unique properties of the sea floor here.

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