Marinas in India

There is a bright future for marinas in India and this is supported by several factors that have come in to play in the past few decades as well as geographical features that make the developing country a hot spot for modern marinas that still remain scarce around the nation.

As a fast developing nation that has been estimated to be a super power by 2050 and harboring some of the richest men in the world today, the nation has surplus money of which the owners are investing in to luxuries that were once considered to mainly be owned by developed nations. A vast coast line that stretches 5700 km just for the main land and 7500 km with territory islands included there is huge potential for the industry to grow or expand in the future.

marinas in india

marinas in india

The nation has at present approximately 25 marinas that are world famous, but the number is predicted to mushroom in the future as the number of millionaire increases and the population increasingly indulge in luxuries as a status simple. Since the northern regions of the nation has extreme climatic conditions it is more probable that the majority of marinas will be constructed in the lower half of the nation where the temperature is relatively stable and more likely to attract more holiday makers who escape the tropical summer heat and winter cold to enjoy the pleasant weather available year round nearly to the equatorial regions.

With a population of 1.22 billion the future of local tourism contribution towards marinas in India looks bright and many marinas are expected to sprout in the next two decades as the demand for prime marinas spaces are sort by vessel owners. External cruise tourism is another factor that is expected to increase as more people take to the water on small vessels as they tour the world. India is a nation known for its diverse and complex culture as well as history and many tourists visit the nation annually.

With the world population on the increase the numbers of tourist are only expected to go up, many will visit the nation via air but this does not restrict them from using the water vessel for different purposes and so the demand for marinas in India to shelter these craft will only increase as marina berths drastically reduce in the 21 century.

Hot spots for construction of new marinas in India as mentioned earlier will be the bottom half of the nation and this will be brought about due to the following factors:

Weather: northern and central India has severe summer and winter temperatures which play havoc to the local population with summer temperatures climbing well in to the 40s where as winter falling below 10°c, temperatures that make the region extreme for many residents and tourists that visit, whereas the southern regions boast of stable weather conditions with most of the year having sunshine and pleasant temperature.

Population: the northern regions are densely populated resulting in increased prices for land and other essentials required for marinas construction. Southern regions of India have lower densities of people making the land in the region cheaper and more favorable for marina construction.

Marinas in India as destined for a bright future and it is predicted that marinas in India and china will be the biggest attractions in the next few decades as the nations grow rapidly and the number of rich increase in the nations making them the marina hotspots of the future.

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