Marine Certificate Of Competency

We have already discussed about the different types of marine jobs and also that there is a difference between merchant navy and defense navy. The procedure to join the defense forces of any country are normally through a series of government exams and so forth but normally the process of induction in the merchant navy or commercial navy is through a route of certificates of professional competence which are known as CoCs for short.

Certificate of Competence

This is an exam which is taken to ensure that a seafarer is fit to perform his or her duties as per the required stream deck, engine etc and also which type of vessel is the holder of the certificate of professional competence is entitled to sail on board ships.

Certificate of Competency

Certificate of Competency

There are different levels of a marine certificate of competency such as the first level, middle level and highest level. It may not be possible to list all types and variations of certificates of professional competence in this article but for example in the deck side the certificates are as follows

  • Officer Of The Watch
  • Chief Mate
  • Master

Even these certificates are of different types such as FG or foreign going or inland or coastal. The requirements to be fulfilled to get a certain level of professional certificate are well defined by the International Maritime Organization IMO and the maritime authorities of the respective countries. It is a mandatory document apart from others like a valid CDC or passport which are all required in valid state for a sailor to be able to sail on a vessel.

How To Apply

After you have completed the sea time required for getting a particular CoC, you must find out the procedure to apply for the same from whichever country you want to get your CoC from. You will have to download the application form for the specific certificate from the website of the relevant maritime authority.

When you have down loaded the same you must get a medical certificate and a check of your eye sight done. The eyesight testing must include colour vision testing also.You must send the forms that you have completed with all the supporting documents and pay the fees as mentioned in the form itself.

After this you will need to pass the training course. You will also need to pass the oral test. After you have passed the test and the paper work is complete you will be sent the marine certificate of competency. This will be done only after the issuing authority is completely satisfied. Before you get into the training course you must ensure that you get your medical tests done. You must also get the sea service assessed as that will help you to understand if it meets the certificate level that you are applying for.

The commercial marine qualifications require the candidates to provide all the information that is required before the training is started. This is also required before the oral examination is undertaken. The payment for the Marine certificate of competency can be done online too. The application form comes with a check list. We would advise you that you please check the details in the check list before you do the final submission. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. We hope these tips will help you to apply and prepare for the marine certificate of competency better.

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