Marine Engineering and Research Institute

The marine training of India is considered to be one of the best in the world. Very few people are actually aware of it. In case you a looking for a world class degree in marine engineering in India then the best place to look for it is Marine engineering and research institute also called MERI Mumbai. We will now tell you all about this college and how you can apply for the course.
Well let us start with how MERI originally started in India.

Soon after the independence of India in 1947, the government realised that there should be an institute that is dedicated to marine engineering studies. The first institute to start was the DMET Kolkata. DMET was later named MERI in 1995. The MERI Mumbai is relatively new. It was started in 2008. It is a pioneer in many ways. It is ISO 9001:2008 certified. It is graded by ICRA as the grade one institute. The campus of Marine engineering and research institute is full of life. There is a lot of importance that is associated here with classroom training and workshops. The campus has a good blend of indoor and outdoor games and activities.
The college offers a three year course in maritime sciences. These are bachelor degree. If you are wondering how you can apply for the same. Then you have come to the right place we will give you all the information about how you can apply for these course. Every year IIT holds an entrance exam that is called IIT-JEE. You need to follow the IIT site on when exactly the exams will be held. Once the applications are out you need to fill them and send it to IIT with the respective fees in ICICI bank. The details will be mentioned in the application itself. Simultaneously you will need to apply to IMU. They will give you the dates for interview and counselling that you need to attend in case you are applying for the course.

Without attending the counselling you cannot take up the course. There are many small time courses of duration about four months that are available in this institute. If interested you can pay online and join these courses. The payment can be made via credit or debit cards too. Some courses are also offered online for better support to the students all across the world. Online classes are conducted and certificates are also issued post a test. The college also offers a post graduate program that is called Post Graduate Diploma in marine engineering (PGDME). This degree is granted by the Mumbai University. The course fees for the bachelor degree are about six lakh and forty thousand. Anyone who has completed twelfth standard can apply for the course. That is after they give their IIT-JEE. Even girls are allowed to join the course.
The campus is huge. It has air conditioned class rooms, well stocked library, tennis court, a huge swimming pool, there are facilities for both indoor and our door games. You name it and the facilities are provided in the campus. This gives the students a very comfortable and relaxed environment to study. The hostel has many rooms. Each room is spacious and well ventilated. There is a well maintained garden.

The campus also has a library that is well stocked with books of various subjects. You can visit their official site and check for the facilities. You can also mail them at the email id mentioned on the site to get any information that you need to know about the admission procedure and the course. Every year only one hundred and five students are selected for this world class course. The institute is well funded by various international and national shipping companies. This helps them to maintain world class training facilities for the students. The training is exhaustive. Once you have completed the training you can apply to any shipping company across the world. The scopes for the students who graduate from Marine engineering and research institute are undoubtedly many.

The present president of the institute is Dr. Bijendra Kumar Saxena. The vice president is Mr. C.V. Subba Rao. There is a list of well experienced faculty that are responsible to train the students. There are a certain number of seats that is reserved for the scheduled cast and scheduled tribes. There are also a certain number of seats that is booked for foreign nationals in the college. There is a benevolence fund that the institute started for the families of the deceased maritime officers. This fund is created by the sole contribution of the members and the students of the institute. The social consciousness of this institute can be made out from this gesture. The institute openly appeals all families of deceased Indian seafarers who are in need to apply to the institute.

The institute from time to time publishes books that are quite popular and are read by many readers across the world. The institute also issues CDS that contain details on the latest development in maritime studies. Some popular books are strength of ships and ocean structures, the process of ship building, energy efficiency and ships, etc. The books are priced reasonably all across.

The main aim of the institute is to promote the scientific development of marine engineering in all its branches that is spread across the country. All these branches work together. They interchange ideas and knowledge on a regular basis. The property of MERI Mumbai is located in Nerul Mumbai. It was taken on lease from CIDCO. This is exactly where the institute is located today. No assistance was taken from the government and the financial institutions. It was solely started by open contribution from members and well wishers. The main building that is called the IMEI house was inaugurated by then Governer of Maharashtra named Dr. P. C Alexander. It has branches in Kolkata, Delhi, Kochi, Chennai, Hydrabad, Pune, Goa and Vishakhapatnam. Kolkata is a head quarter for the institute. The institute has a designated governing council that meets every two years to decide the policies. The members of the governing body are re elected every two years.

This is all that you perhaps need to know about Marine engineering and research institute, how to apply for it and how good the course actually is. Trust us the college is one of the best you can ever get all over the world. The facilities that you get here will make you a well trainer mariner. What are you waiting for just try to find out about your nearest IIT coaching center, this is the very first step in joining the institute. All the best with your career as a marine officer!

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