Marine Knowledge Remembers Sailors of M.T. Sanchi (6 January 2018)

Marine accidents do not occur as frequently as road accidents but when they do, it is not easy to contain them or save lives due to factors like deep oceans and long distances involved. One such unfortunate incident occurred recently on Jan 6 2018 when a collision occurred between M.T. Sanchi and the Chinese freighter CF Crystal nearly 250km inside the sea from the coast of Shanghai, China.

Fortunately all crew of Crystal were safe but due to explosive fuel carried in Sanchi, it caught fire and there was no time to launch emergency procedures like lifeboats or other forms of rescue. Marine Knowledge pays homage to these sailors who lost their lives.

32 Sailors who left for their heavenly abode

The Burning Ship

A few lines in remembrance 

It is one of the most daring profession

Only those can do who have an obsession

Rough waves of ocean show no compassion

The sailors have to wear them like a fashion

When the world sleeps still on the solid ground

The seafarers are deafened by the roaring sound

Sometimes the sound is of the engines, or the waves

Yet for the family, the sailor stays, earns and saves

Accidents happen yet they keep sailing with valour

It is not easy to qualify as a true dedicated sailor

The ocean is the home, the rough sea a playful friend

From morning till dawn, to the play there is no end

They complete their duty with honour to return back

To meet their families, get rejuvenated and again pack

Yet they love their jobs, it is not for those with hearts faint

It requires a dedication and determination just like a saint

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