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Marine engineering and life of the seamen at the sea has taken some great twists and turns in the past. We are now going to discuss about the basic life saving gadgets that one uses when in sea. These are made compulsory by SOLAS (saving of life at sea regulations). One of the most important and life saving equipment that is used in sea is called the lifeboats. We will now under the topic of marine offshore oil platforms and ships safety & survival equipment discusses life boats. These are very important for the survival of the seafarers when they are at the sea.

The colours of the lifeboats are mostly bright orange all over the world. The modern life boats are light and are motor propelled. Some of them are totally enclosed too. These are called totally enclosed motor propelled survival craft (TEMPSC). These have an electrical gadget attached to them that helps the battery to be charged and thereby uses the craft. The best part is that the cable that is used to charge these engines automatically detach themselves from the craft when the lifeboat is lowered to the sea level. This makes the functioning of these life boats much easy.

The marine offshore oil platforms and ships safety & survival equipment have been using the lifeboat for yivears. It has been modified and developed from time to time so that they can be made more economical and user friendly. It has been noted in history that the worst of storms that sink ships can actually not cause any damage to a small lifeboat. The SOLAS has also come up with many more points that must be kept in consideration before a lifeboat is used. The lifeboats are stored in the freefall lamps of the ships. They can carry up to forty persons at one time. The people sitting on the boat must be strapped to it. There are moulded seats on the boats ensure that the people can sit comfortably. The straps ensure that the people sitting on the boat don’t fall off into the sea during a storm or rough weather. There is a special raised seat in each lifeboat. This ensures that the people get a good view of what is ahead and they can operate the engine accordingly.

Just having enough lifeboats in the ship is only half the job done. They must be certified from time to time basis from the Lloyds or DNV marine surveyors. This will ensure that they are in a good condition and can face any emergency. The lifeboats must be regularly serviced by the manufacturers. Every week a lifeboat practice session is held in the ship so that the crew can be well aware of how these are to be used in case of emergency. This ensures that in times of emergency no time is wasted. Every ship also has a manual that helps the crew to understand how the lifeboats can be operated in times of emergency.

In the initial days marine offshore oil platforms and ships safety & survival equipments were not given so much of importance as a result lot of mishaps would happen at the sea. However, those days are gone and a lot of importance is now given to these equipments and maintenance. The SOLAS has made many guidelines that shipping companies are required to follow. This has increased the number of survivors after a sea accident much higher. In the olden days rows were used to propel the lifeboats. They were manually operated with lift to bring them down to the waters. These things have changed now. Everything is automated. Thanks to the technology and the initiatives that the various marine authorities have taken all over the world.

The lifeboats are now equipped with an EPIRB (equipment position indicating radio beacon). This gives the position and the name of the lifeboat vessel to search the vessel easily in times of emergency. These transmissions can be located anywhere across the world. Oxygen bottles are also provided inside in case there is a case of closed evacuation. Flares and rockets that are also called pyrotechnics are placed in these boats so that they can be used in times of emergency. Two marine batteries that are usually twelve volts each are placed in the lifeboats. These modern lifeboats are also equipped with a ship to shore radio that is a watertight bottle which can be used to supply the consol with power from the batteries.

The lifeboats are also provided with a good supply of first aid. The common medicines included in this are those that are required to treat a person who is suffering from burn and pain. These are just basic medicines that are needed to treat a person in case of emergency. The lifeboats are also supplied with diesel tanks that are regularly checked for any leakage and water that has entered inside.

Apart from these above mentioned essentials there are some few more things that are kept in the lifeboats. These are wooden oars that are used when the engine stops in the water. It can happen due to any reason. A good amount of fresh water is kept in these boats. They are usually kept in plastic containers. These are important for survival in sea as sea water cannot quench thirst. High energy biscuits packets are placed in these boats. These if they fall in the water they can still are edible for days. These provide the basic supply of food and energy that one would need when at the sea. Some of the lifeboats are also supplied with fishing hooks and lines. Well, if you manage to catch one you will have to eat it raw as there is no facility to cook it. As we already mentioned that the modern lifeboats have seats assigned. Under each seat you can locate a life jacket this must be worn by all those on board in a lifeboat.

This is all that we could discuss about one of the most important marine offshore oil platforms and ships safety & survival equipment that is popularly called the lifeboat. I hope this will help you to understand how these can be operated and can how these can save lives in times of emergency. It is good to know information even for those who are planning to make a sea travel in the future. In time of emergency the smallest of things may become a concern. This is exactly why the best way to face an emergency is to be prepared for it.

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