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Marine engineering and merchant Navy is a very lucrative career option for all those who have just come out of school and college. The job promises a good pay and also ensures that the students make a great and successful career that also promises adventure. Well, we will now tell you about how you can apply for these courses. How we should start and from where. All the questions that you have in your mind about MERI entrance exam will be answered in this article. If you have a passion for adventure, you like to travel and you don’t mind spending a good amount of your time away from your family then you must look at merchant navy as a good option to make a career.

Before we give you the details about eligibility and the course structure let us tell you a little bit about MERI (marine engineering and research institute). It is located in Kolkata west Bengal. It is proud to be the oldest marine engineering college in India. It is affiliated to the very reputed Jadavpur University. It is a bachelor degree college. The course is a four year course. It is termed as the bachelor of marine engineering. There are total eight semesters in this course. It is also ISO certified so that leaves absolutely no doubt about its quality. The institute was lately granted CRISIL grade of number one. The course is very competitive and has the latest technologies incorporated. The course is upgraded from time to time to ensure that the students get the best and the most updated knowledge. The aim of the institute is to give the best knowledge to its students and ensure that efficient and capable officers are graduating out of this college every year. It is a highly reputed college and the course is recognized worldwide. The institute has a hundred per cent placement record.

Let us now move on to the eligibility for getting admission to this college. Well you must at least be twenty years of age on the first day of October. This happens to be the official date of admission for this college. If you are from the schedule cast and tribe then you will get a grace of another five years. These courses are now open to girls too. You should be unmarried and off course a citizen of India. If you are a foreign national then too you can apply for these courses. You will need to take approval from the ministry of shipping to do that. The college holds entrance exams every year on national level. IIT-JEE is the exam that you need to pass to get a seat in this college. In case you are interested in joining this institute then start preparing for IIT-JEE. This is also known as the Meri entrance exam. You can contact the IIT’s and find out the exact time when these exams are going to be held. This information is also available on the internet.

The exams are held once a year. You can enroll for a coaching class if you want to. There are many institutes that take classes and train students to appear for these exams. Students from all over India apply for these courses. We recommend that to qualify the meri entrance exam do take up these courses as they will prepare you better for these exams. When the application forms are out you need to take the same and send it to the institutes. You will get a card to give the exam. After the exam you can apply to the Indian institute of maritime studies that is located in Mumbai and is also known as IIMS. Once the results of IIT-JEE are out you need to check if IIMS selects you. After selection you will have to go for counselling as per the dates given to you by the institute. During this counselling the final selection is made. This generally happens in the last week of July or first week of August. The course starts from the first day of October. This is more or less the admission procedure that you will have to follow after the MERI entrance exam.

Once you are through with the MERI entrance exam and you are selected for the course. The question now is the fees. Don’t worry the course fees are not very high. For Indian nationals the fees is around a lakh a year. This is payable as fifty thousand in every semester. This is including the hostel charges. The schedule cast and tribes off course pay lesser fees. For the foreign nationals the fees is about eight thousand dollars a year. For the brilliant students the government has also started scholarship programs. The course is an extensive one and all subject that are related marine engineering is taught.

The college campus has all the modern facilities, swimming pools, basketball courts, gyms; the hotels have good facilities provided. The students get a good environment to study and prepare for their life as marine engineers. The institute hon-ours students every year. Prizes and certificates are given to all the best students. The institute thus enables students to get an all-round development. The shipping industry is growing by leaps and bounds and thus the requirements are quite high. The challenges of this career are many and this institute prepares the students for the same. We highly recommend the course from MERI. As this is acceptable world over and the students who pass out of this institute surely have an upper hand over their counterparts.

This is perhaps all that you need to know in case you are planning to take up the meri entrance exams. The career that you always wanted is waiting for you. So what are you waiting for then just follow the instructions given and start preparing for the meri entrance exams. All the best with the exams and we hope you will make a great career out of this field.

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