Mind Boggling Sea Mysteries

Mysteries often fascinate us. We all like to read books on mysteries and watch movies that have a mystery to it. However, if we look closely around us here are some mysteries that even science has not been able to solve yet.

From a baby being born to a rainbow, everything is a mystery. Science with its advancements has indeed killed many mysteries that we had always known. However, there are some mysteries that even science has not been able to solve yet. In this article we will discuss about those mysteries that are still waiting to be solved completely.

The mystery definitely originates from the fact that life perhaps started in some other planet and was later bought to earth. There may be many more galaxies and earths like us out there. Perhaps it might also be true that we are the only miracle of nature and perhaps the only planet that has life in this lifeless universe.

The crop circles that have been found in many parts of the world make us think on other lines. I have heard of aliens coming to earth in their UFOs. However, I personally have not seen any. These crop circles however make me wonder. In a nights time what technology can make them. They are geometrically accurate. So huge that you can make the actual patters only from the sky, then how is it possible for man to do it?

The second on my list is also one of the greatest wonders of the world. The pyramids of Egypt, they were constructed five thousand years back. In a time when man did not even invent wheel.

Such huge piece of stones was put together in a geometrically accurate structure that can be definitely claimed to be an engineering marvel. Off late pyramids made of crystal like material were found in the Bermuda triangle. Under the ocean, they have existed for years. We still don’t know how man could make these thousands of years back.

Bermuda triangle perhaps is one of the most celebrated mysteries of the world. Does anyone know how these huge ships just disappear from this area? It is said that a storm come from nowhere, the signals are lost and the nest thing we know is that the ship is lost. Exactly opposite to the Bermuda triangle is Marina trench. A similar area where ships and boats have been vanishing, this may be considered as the black hole on earth. No one has ever found any of the lost ships anywhere. Many believe that magnetic field of these areas is such that signals are lost and maybe the ships are actually taken away by the aliens.

The year 1971 a small village in Spain called Belmez became popular all of a sudden. A woman named Maria Pereira claimed that her kitchen floor has suddenly shown a face. Every time she covered it up it did appear again. We still don’t know if these faces were painted by her or this was a paranormal activity as her house was built on a grave yard.

These according to us are some of the most fascinating mysteries. However, there are many more to be discussed and explored. We hope to discuss some of them in the next few articles.

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