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There are many mysteries that have been bewildering us for years. We have always wondered are these actually mysteries or were just hoax created by some group of people to make extra money. We are now going to discuss some of these mysteries that were later announced as myths and the files were closed for ever.

The first that tops the list is Lochness monster. This monster was believed to be existed in some most picturesque lakes in the United Kingdom. The creature looked like a dragon and would appear and disappear all of a sudden. Many pictures of it were published across the world and it kept debaters engaged for years.

However, many major search operations that were done with the best technology and equipment known to man in these areas could not reveal much. The final search was done by BBC in 2003 and it was after this that it was announced that the Lochness monster is a myth and no such creature ever existed in those lakes. However, the lists of people who claim to have seen them are huge and they do believe even today that this mysterious creature does exist. Even now many tourists come to these areas just to see a glimpse of this interesting creature.

In 1971 Belmez faces became a sensation that took the world by storm. It was told that in a little village in Spain called Belmez a very unique paranormal activity was happening. A face would appear on the kitchen floor of Maria Pereira. Even if she would paint the floor and change the tiles they would appear again. The faces would keep changing and even their moods would change with the mood of the owner. The faces became so popular that people all across the world would visit this tiny village to see these images. It brought a lot of recognition and money to the woman who owned the house. The theory she put forward was that the house was built on a grave yard. However, the scientists later proved that it was a hoax and the woman was just making them to gain some popularity. The scientists believe that they were painted by the son of Maria Pereira.

Even when it comes to the mysterious alien abductions there is hardly any scientific proof to support these. Even the UFO’s that are spotted very commonly by people are said to be myths. Perhaps only with time we will actually know if Alien invasions are also mysteries or they are just figment of imaginations. There are many more myths like these that we will be discussing in our other articles. The list is perhaps much longer than this.

These are the significant few that we thought must be discussed. Mysteries that bewildered us for years and then science proved it to be a hoax. Anyways some still believe that all these actually existed and were mysteries indeed. The debate is on-going. The more we get into these the more complicating they become.

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